He Smiles And Laughs A Lot More

Xander and Tori,

So we now have made it through the fourth of July. Between the bronchitis and sciatic nerve issues. We are still moving.  I finally got the ponies I ordered. I ordered a Rainbow dash since Tori took hers and I also ordered Pinkie Pie because Xander took his. I also got a Macntosh and Fluttershy.  Durpy is coming from England.  I am now looking to get Applejack since I can’t seem to find her.  We may have let the two of you take her back. I cannot remember.  Anyway…we are going to be doing some funny videos hopefully once I start feeling better.

Anyway, we went to the Pickett family reunion last weekend.  Everyone was asking about the two of you. We couldn’t share much or answer any questions in detail but we assume the two of you are doing well so we just respond with that.  Tori you would have loved how they represented the family tree. They had butterflies cut out to look like leaves on the family tree. I found yours and your brothers just to ensure they did not forget about the two of you. Your dad’s family is very diverse and a joy to be around. I hope someday you actually get to meet some of these lovely people.

Anyway, for Fathers days I made sure your dad and I went out and had some fun. For his birthday I took him to his favorite restaurant and we ordered his favorite meal, pork chops. He actually smiled and laughed.  It was good to see that in him again. Have you guys been doing a lot of swimming at your grandmothers?  I know the two of you love to go swimming.  I hope you get to go this summer.  Your dad is off for a couple of days these week so he is planning on working on clearing out your rooms.  We have stacks of stuff to send to Goodwill and sell to Half-Price-Books. He is going through everything and keeping the prized items you really enjoyed in case you ever want them in the future.

We are going to be getting rid of a lot of stuff from the garage that was transferred from your old house. It has been stored in boxes and we are going to go through it and if we can we are going to dump it. No since in keeping stuff you are never going to need. Your dad is doing really well. He smiles and laughs a lot more.  We talk about the funny times with the two of you.  We remember more of the positive times which keeps us going. We hope the two of you have gotten to that point. I am sure you have friends come over often to your house Tori to play. Xander I am sure you are enjoying Youtube like you always have.

We love and miss you both.

Stay strong.

3737 days left to go.



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