Family Reunion

So I will admit there are days I wonder if my step-children will ever come back to see their dad and me. I sure their now family makes it a point to forget about him. Yet I try to imagine what it would be like if they came back when they are 18. How is that dinner going to go? Because the last frame of reference I have of them is 5 and 12. Everything they were interested in will be nothing but a distant memory. Yet it is what my memory still sees as present. My husband still watch Dr. Who and My Little Pony because it is what the kids liked to watch but what happens if they don’t like it anymore? What happens if I can’t stand who they have become? These are the questions I worry about.

Anyway, we make our way to Ben’s family reunion this weekend. I will admit it makes me uncomfortable going because considering the last engagement I had with Ben’s mother I don’t really want to be associated with them. However, I think it’s important to show that we are still family and whether his mom and dad have dismissed us for IT we still are family. I have to ensure I keep an open mind about the rest of my husband’s family because they are not all like his mom.  And although she has spoken badly about me to her family and to my step-children. I will not become the women she has. I have to remain positive that Ben’s other family will respect me and give me a chance.

I wonder what my step-children are doing. Probably spending weekends with their other grandparents swimming and relaxing. I sure Xander is watching Youtube and playing games on his phone. Tori is probably hanging out with friends in the evening and playing games with them. I guess there is no point in really thinking about us at all. At least their step-siblings are not in the house during the summer.  I am sure the kids are enjoying that.

Anyway, other than that….Ben is doing well. Me, I am surviving. We have made some great strides in getting ready to sell the house. I been preparing for surgery this October. Work has been great in getting me the time I need to get that done. So over all life is continuing to move. But I still wonder….does anyone even care?




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