Favorite Photos

I think the most frustrating part of being a step-parent who does not have access to their step-children is the lack of family photos I have.  In my head I look at outdated photos wishing we had the opportunity to take a family photo like I wanted. Instead the closest thing I have is the photo of all of us at your baptism. You probably don’t remember but last Thursday was the three year mark of your baptism. It’s now the photo on my computer at work.

My hope is someone gets to a point where they are brave enough to share a more recent picture of the two of you. While I know that will never be the case I can still hope that someone does what is right.   Anyway for this post I figured I would share some of my favorite photo’s of the two of you. Remember your dad and I love you and want you to become the best at whatever God wants for the two of you in your life.


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