The Health Of Our Children

As I have stated multiple times in this blog. 50% of American children will experience a divorce of their parents. Then half of those will likely see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. Of the 50% though, 1 out of every 10 are likely to see three or more divorces of their parents. Imagine that family tree diagram.


This is what divorce has done to our families and children. The social structure has to be difficult for the children. The stress of multiple divorces can impact a child’s physical health as well. This includes physical injury, asthma, speech impediments and migraines. When parents’ divorce, the odds of a children experiencing a health issue goes up by 50%.  The biggest impact though is the emotional effects on our children. Those children that go through multiple divorces with a parent, will often have lower grades and when rated by their peers, they are considered less pleasant to be around. One has to consider that the concept of divorce, fractures the way children understand how to build relationships with people. The first relationship they see is their parents. They will model their behavior in relationships based on what they learn at home. Children from divorce often have more psychological problems than even a child who has experienced the death of a parent.

This generation of children will be the first generation to be more likely to have lower paying jobs and less college than their parents. The reason for this is adult children of divorce tend to have lower paying jobs, less college, unstable father-child relationships and vulnerability to drugs and alcohol. These adult children are almost twice more likely to attempt suicide than children who have not come from a broken home.  Yet, we choose as parents to put our children in these situations. We choose to divorce and remarry constantly. Finding a partner has become nothing more than choosing which McDonalds meal you want today. Tomorrow it can be something else.

Domestic violence, we have all seen the statistics.  Every 9 seconds a women is abused. But let’s talk about the false allegations of domestic violence particularly in child custody cases. UP TO 70% OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALLEGATIONS ARE DEEMED FABRICATED!!!  When we lie about our ex we end up harming our children. They get a distorted view of what domestic violence is. They become over sensitive to basic disagreements.

Domestic violence is not about whether you believe the house temperature is too cold or not. It is more than that. Some things are for certain, men who work in female dominated occupations (ex. Clerical workers, education), physically violent occupations (ex. Police, military) or in dangerous occupations (ex. Emergency workers, mining) are more likely to cause domestic violence. This impact the children with fathers, mothers, step-mothers or step-fathers, in these fields are that they likely to be the victims of domestic violence or see domestic violence. They learn violence is the answer and when it fails divorce is the resolution. We are teaching our children to fail at being adequate social beings relying on our needs more than the needs of our children.

If you are that selfish as an adult.

You should have never bothered having children.



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