Fear Anger Men and Women

Ben and I were listening to Sandman at Sonic the other day and Sandman was responding to letter he received from a lady who was begging him to stop spreading his message. He made the comment about how men like him and many of his followers come from married parents but because of what they experienced as children seeing their fathers shackled by their mothers. They had decided to go MGTOW. Well I sat and thought about that comment over and over. I remember as a child my mother testing my father.  There was no winning except by submitting. As feminism crept into the culture my father was forced to work all day and then come home and cook for the family.  He made efforts to cook home cooked meals while as mom worked the meals became more frozen boxed meals. As a child I know that the reason mom went back to work was to get us our private school education. She was worn out. My parents worked really hard for my family to get the education. We did not go on trips during the summer and stayed home. There were weeks we had nothing but cornbread and pinto beans or even worse was the weeks of hamburger helper lasagna.

So like the men I think my reaction seeing my dad work so hard and my mom test him I make efforts not to test others. I mean what is the point really? I make an effort to cook after I come home from work and I even do laundry every week. There is nothing wrong with this women. It serves are men and in turn serves the Lord. Something women nor men talk about is how violent and mean women really are. Our methods of expressing our anger is different but I believe women because of our internal mental constructs of what it means to be a lady do not adequately seek help for our anger which leads to poor choices that destroy the fabric of our culture and our families.

The question is why as women are we so angry?  It comes down to fear. I admit. I live in fear every day. Fear is a powerful liar. The fear of being wrong, the fear of losing our husbands, the fear of being alone, and fear is the root cause of the anger. On some level we have a fear of something. Women, however, hide their fear from everyone because it impacts our social status. It impacts how people view us.  Because whether we like to admit it or not we value the group collective. Men are more often than not solitary individuals who do not value the group’s opinion, however, for women we work, live, and survive in a collective.  There is a sense of protection in numbers. Hence our desire to be married. When we are married there is a collective and a group. There is always someone available to consult assist and provide comfort when the need arises. However, we must also remember that while as women we require this men will not provide you the help in the manner you expect but instead provide it in a way that is logical for him.

Remember to accept that assistance, your husband may have more knowledge or see it from a different point of view. It does not mean the delivery is wrong but it is how he is processing the request. The receiver, ourselves, needs to be able to accept this information no matter in the format it is presented in. It is only when we become opening and receiving that we can reduce our fear ladies. This leads us to being less angry and emotional, which reduces our need for hypergamy to set in and for happy marriages. But until we learn to open our hearts and seek help for our anger and fear our society will continue to crumble until the end.



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