Assholes Instead Of Pansies – Thoughts on Sex, Religion, And Politics

I remember there was times when there was a clear line drawn between men and women, adult and child, beliefs and politics. I remember when my parents used to tell me there were three things you could not talk about in public, religion, sex, and politics. Yet with the development of the social network platform we openly announce our beliefs, thoughts, politics, and sex without any regard to what others might think. It is interesting because the natural fear we have of one another is gone on social media. In a lot of ways I see younger and younger generations not having any fear and treating society like social media platforms. Some would say this is good and normally I would agree except with the way places are set up for filing a complaint with coworkers who disagree with them on beliefs, thoughts, sex and politics we give this younger workforce an opportunity to silence challenging thoughts and beliefs. If the door is to be open and I have to accept and listen to an opposing side that is contrary to mine I should have just as much right to engage in that dialogue without fear of being punished for speaking about my religious beliefs.

I have sat through more classes dealing about how I am supposed to respect all religious beliefs. The rules in organizations are set up with the idea of my parents saying no talk about sex, politics, or religion. But I am supposed to give up a room in my building for Muslims to pray?!?! Really. Sweden churches have taken down crosses in their own churches because it might offend someone. Where does it end? Last I checked if your feelings are hurt just do not engage with that person or activity. You cannot have everyone agreeing with one another. Life does not work like that. Democrats and Republics has to engage one another all the time in Washington DC. Yet if a democrat at my work figures out I am Republican they can go to HR and file a complaint for whatever belief I have. Yet I have to listen to their politics and accept that LGBTQ are to be treated equally in our offices. I cannot share that my faith and beliefs find this activity to be a sin.  How is that fair.

People like myself a shoved further and further into the corner while the rest of society is going to hell in a hand basket. My question is where is MY CHURCH in all of this? Where are the other CHRISTIANS? They are not there because their churches have been infested like my work. We are too concerned with not wanting to hurt another person’s feelings that we forget Christ spoke the truth and many people where angry with him. He was not about making friends but showing the light and way to God. The Church spends so much time helping others in other countries they fail to see the rotting nature on the inside their own sanctuaries. I lost my family and my church due to a lack of Christian backbone by others who should have stood with me but instead just slipped away further into the corner.

As Christians we are now worshipers of Baal. We worship the feelings of others and pray for their forgiveness and fear their reprisal if we hurt them. This is not the church Jesus intended and he would laugh at us today. As Christians we have forgotten about God and worship a fake Jesus. People gloss over that Jesus hung out with 12 disciples who were curt, blunt, drunk, and even a traitor. He ministered to them and others. He got angry and threw over temple tables when Jewish members were collecting money. Jesus was not the romantic vision the church has portrayed him to be now. A soft beta man, he was instead an alpha male who was quick on the tongue when debating with Pharisee and Sadducee. In today’s modern terms he was an asshole. Not a romantic novel male. I need my savior to be an asshole because it’s the asshole that will lead us to the father and no one else. I want my next church to understand the meaning of hell, understands the gruff nature of Jesus, and fears the father. Because it is only then that maybe as Christians we can learn to be more like Assholes instead of like the pansies we have become.




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