God Is A Mystery – I Want To Know Why?

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen.

So a couple of day’s back I bought a book called Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology by Andrew Louth. I have to admit it’s been overwhelming learning Eastern Orthodox traditions, beliefs and trying to understand the basics to what I thought I understood about the church.  I guess in a lot of ways I always understood that the Orthodox Church was different but when you stand in the church you realize how very different it is from the Latin Church. Since we are in Lent, there was no traditional Ash Wednesday service which is traditional for the Latin Church. It is the mark of the beginning of Lent. For Orthodox, it is Forgiveness Vespers. In the Latin Church Easter is the end of Lent while in the Orthodox Church it is called Pascha. This year lent started on the 14th of February while for the Orthodox Church Great Lent started on the 19th. This puts Easter being celebrated earlier than Pascha.

Its more than the dates of events, there is a culture difference too. There is a completely different attitude in church. Those that participate regularly literally live the following statement. “Thinking and doing, being and praying.” (Louth, 3).  While granted this is not something you can teach but something that comes with being a Christian and being human. We acknowledge the trinity and pray, we think and do according to Christ will and we are being also known as living being distracted by Satan as he looks to devour us. In the Latin Church I often found members would us come in and go out placing on the church mask and then putting on their real world mask when they left. Yet in the Orthodox faith, you’re fasting, devotions, readings and prayers force you to acknowledge yourself as a sinner continuously in all honesty it’s a humbling experience. I come to realize there is no help except through God for anything.

Louth mentions that while we seek to know God we can only know that God is a mystery and beyond our understanding. I spent a lot of time this last year and a half trying to find reason for God giving us no other options that to give up the rights to my stepchildren. Yet it only leads to more questions than answers. For example, it was nice having my stepson friend me on Google + even if the follow was removed after a couple of hours. Granted I cannot guarantee it was him that hit the follow button or someone else using his account but even still it was nice to have that. The knowledge that he no longer has his cell phone number is kind of upsetting and disturbing. Thank you snapchat for notifying me of that. We know that the children what Ben’s goodbye video on a regular basis. Which is good to see that they miss him. Even with all this why still remains my biggest question. So basically I am trying to understand the mystery of why God does what he does but in the end I have to put faith in knowing he is working on something and I have to be prepared to receive whatever he provides me.

We are never really prepared for what comes at us but we will never fail because the Lord is with us. If we know we are sinners then continue to make efforts to improve and make steps back to becoming in union with Christ. Will we ever obtain that, no. But every day we must make steps forward to getting closer to our reunification with him.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen.



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