Grace Can Not Be Bestowed By Sinful Man

So Michael Sebastian published an article yesterday that I thought I would talk about. I think it is important to talk about because when we look at our churches and the culture we live in we see a religious desert across the country. Because of this millennials, many who have never seen the inside of a church, are following their hippy grandparents and parents down the way of astrology and new age religious concepts. While believing in something is important, I have adopted, as a chaplain, a belief that as long as there is submission to someone greater than you then you have the opportunity to introduce them to Christ. It may not even be at the beginning but you have to understand God works differently in all people. Therefore, everyone’s coming to know Christ is different. Some experience near death experiences and even others come by being part of the Church of Satan.

I have to say the Christian church has failed much like many esoteric organizations by missing out on a generation of youth that could have refilled and breathed new life into their organizations. I am often the youngest in a room of new members when visiting a new church. Unlike the church of a 50 years ago, the current church presents itself as this all accepting, love embracing doormat for non-God fearing individuals can come and enforce members to think and act the way they do.  The strongest root from my experience in this is the Episcopal Church of North America. They have fallen away from the bible, the BCP, and have now socially accepting what clearly is defined as a sin. Like our marriages, we have to submit and obey the Lord hence why we read and understand his word.

The church has fallen further from the truth and refuses to hold each other accountable in the house of the Lord. The church has used the word Grace to mean something not defined in the bible. We are not Christ nor are we God and therefore we cannot bestow grace. Grace can only bestowed by God not by sinful man. God chooses who to bestow grace upon and because we receive that gift we must submit ourselves through our actions because we have been chosen. We must also have faith. Faith is an opening of our heart and mind to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. When I provide forgiveness to a brother or sister I am not providing grace but instead forgiveness to ensure no embitterment is between us, as brothers and sisters. This in no way ensures that we will even receive God’s grace. If man gives grace it will be cheap because the most valuable grace to receive is from the one and only God.

Christianity is very binary. Right, wrong, sin, heaven. While our culture has become more fluid than ever before, God has remained steadfast in the binary nature of man. Male and Female. Nothing changes this, when we begin loosing site of the binary nature of God, we lose our way in the church and stray from his word. The church is not to be a social playground for redefining genders but instead about acknowledging our sinful ways and seeking forgiveness through confession and prayer. When we allow the church to become a playground of social thought, we will see a rise of Millennials run away and join the new age and satanic churches because even in those belief systems they still have beliefs, thoughts, and expectations that the Christian church continues to ignore now more often than not. Pray for the church my readers because at some point, we are going to see far fewer of them and those that remain will only provide us the opportunity to worship once a month instead as God commands us to do, every Sunday.




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