@DDJ-@TFM-@MIGGY101-REDPILLCOIN-Someone Needs To Be An Adult.

This is primarily written to DDJ from an avid fan.

So I have to say…after listening to TFM and the DDJ discuss Miggy101 and the RED Pill Coin scandal I like wow for all the times I have listened to your podcasts and thoughts,  you continually tell us not to invest time and energy in THOTs and dinner whores who do not invest energy or thought into you. Yet DDJ for the last several Podcasts I have seen you time and time again invest time and energy into #Miggy101 and #kriscantu. Why?!?!  When there is so much more to talk about and share with the MGTOW community. When you feed into the desire and needs of an attention whore like #Miggy101 and the #kantucucksquad, you are taking away time and energy from yourself. TFM had it right, guilt by association, is how he was dragged into this. He and you have a right to defend yourself against the allegations that #Miggy101 stated but from a listener’s point of view the best next step is to focus on other areas and issues of the #MGTOW community. The only way narcissistic cucks like these two ever go away is if you ignore them. You have made it clear your thoughts and ideas. Like it is often said the definition of crazy is doing something or saying something over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Continuing to belabor the point gives the impression of someone who does not know about you that you are obsessed and crazy.

I am sorry to have to say this because my husband is a big fan of the show you and TFM do together in fact we are avid listeners on Saturday evenings. I appreciate that you and TFM usually do not discuss this and I hope after the videos #Miggy101 posted on the 28th that you will not be bringing it up on the Saturday evening show. I want to make it clear that I am not approving of what #Miggy101 has done or said but my concern is for your  continued contribution to the #MGTOW community. You’re a bright and logical voice with a depth of knowledge that is rarely found and is needed for younger men today. To give you an idea. My husband and I had no choice but to sign the rights away to our children to their mother because she was using them as weapons. It was destroying them. Even with a pro father law firm, like Cordell & Cordell, they were very gynocentric. In the end we had to the adults and end the fighting and damage to our children, we had to give them to their HCBM so they could know peace.  If we had kept focus longer, we have done more damage to the children by forcing them to stay in the fight. In the end it is just a battle and the war ends when they come back to see us in 3,892 days. This is nothing more than a battle in the bigger war against the feminist culture.

I know it is hard not to want to defend your honor, rights, and prove your point. However, in the end #Miggy101 is not going to be coming to the fight. Like a women, he is going to hide, therefore the war will be won when we can discuss other things and the Red Pill Coin fails. It is that simple. It is not always easy and I say this out pure admiration…..


Thanks your fan.




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