Women Are Dumber With Lack Of Sex – Signs of Divorce

Today we will be talking about the fourth sign you are heading towards having a divorce.  This sign is all too often when couples really realize that there is something wrong with their marriage and that is going to be the

Lack of Sex

Sex provides couples with emotional engagement which is key to love and feeling connected as a couple through the trying and difficult point in our lives. When I think of sex, I think of Freud and his psychoanalysis. Freud recognized three individual stages of child development, oral, anal, phallic, and latency. Pending on an individual’s childhood experiences impacted the development of the individual. He then goes on to describe the structure of the personality which is the id, ego, and superego. The id is the biological forces and reactions we have to things while the ego is defense mechanism we use to prevent ourselves from constantly being in fight or flight mode.

If the ego is the defense mechanism we use to prevent our id from going out of control why is it that we cannot prevent or control ourselves from being victims of violence by an intimate partner. To be accurate 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of violence. The estimated number of children, worldwide, that are exposed to domestic violence every day is 10,000,000.  The presence of a gun in a home also increases the risk of suicide and homicide by said guns and during domestic entanglements this statistic increases.  Therefore it is easy to say that the ego provides us with a self-defense mechanism to prevent ourselves from overreacting to overwhelming situations but in all truth the id will always win out.

Not having sex can also impact your health. You can feel more down in the dumps because of the lack of mood elevating endorphins that are released during our sexual experiences. For women, sex is extremely important particularly after menopause because it insures that walls of our anatomy remain strong. To prevent thinning and dryness issues it is important to continue blood flow to our area. I think though more importantly you can become less intelligent the less sex you have. The increase blood flow improves brain function and the growth of brain cells.

For women this is going to be important. More often than not once we have hit puberty men will have higher intelligence than us. For those with IQs 130-150 the ration of male to female is 2.5 men to every one female. Meaning more often than not a man is going to be smarter than a women and on top of that no women has ever scored over an IQ of 176 yet 13 males have. The average IQ for women and men tend to be between 90 and 100. This is where women and men are relatively equal. Yet when you go higher, men take over in numbers compared to their female counterparts.

So getting a divorce because of a lack of sexual activity leads to a period of time where women will get dumber than we already are. To me this seems counter intuitive to the feminist movement, which encourages women to focus on surviving on the state through social welfare. If women could just learn to work out their feelings, control their id, use their ego and keep in their marriages we could actually keep up with men instead of becoming dumber with our lack of sex.

But those are just my thoughts.




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