Venting Honest Post – No Longer A Feminist

So just about an update to the website.  I have added a new area for videos. Ben and I take so many pictures and things we figured starting videos would be a great way to show the children we were thinking about them when they come back in 3899 days and ask why we never communicated. We will explain why and then show them the site if they do not see it first. It is our written, audio and visual record to them to combat the beliefs that we did not love them or gave up on them. This is our proof.

This blog posting we are going to take a break from the Six Signals of Divorce and just be write. Doing this blog is not easy.  It takes a lot out of me.  I do a blog daily, a podcast on Wednesday’s and now videos of me and Ben weekly as well. There is never a day I am not doing something for my stepchildren. HCBM just now visits the page when Ben’s mom is in town. We finally had to cut the final bit of access it had to our lives out. You cannot leave parts of a cancer around or it just comes back with full vengeance. It is not like it does not send out other family members to read the page. In fact a couple of weeks back sister-in-law read it from her work at a local college in North Texas. Last week I figure one of its friends read it from Schertz. It only has one friend in Schertz.

I find it amazing the need for control narcissistic HCBPs have to have with their exs despite their initiation of divorce. Hell!!! You left him let him go!!!  Let us make it clear you wanted him out of your life and out of your children’s lives. He honored your request and removed himself completely. I sorry now that you’re poor and have to live off your family and your husband’s family’s money. To be honest is sad that two people in their 40’s can support themselves but oh yeah that is right your husband can’t get a job because of his discharge. And no, his one weekend a month two weeks a year, a job and it will be only by the grace of God that he is able to make it so he can retire because of retention control points and all.  In all honesty if patterns repeat themselves like the humans do, he is either going to file divorce from you in February or June so he can move out of here and take his kids with him since they will both be done with their schools this year.  My question to you is when he does decide to divorce you will you rape him like you raped Ben in court? Because statistics don’t lie and this will be the second divorce that the children have seen with you, this time there is no child support coming in for you to make ends meet which means it is back to your parents again.

I want to thank you for putting me and Ben though all this. You have reaffirmed my faith and have also turned me off to feminism. I will admit prior to meeting you I was a feminist. I believed in women’s rights and that we had to fight for our rights against the male patriarchy. However today because of you I am an avid supporter of men and their rights. I am a supporter of the MGTOW movement because of the lack of adequate male role models you provide my stepson. You are everything that is wrong with the feminist movement. And if it were not for my interactions with you I would have never changed. The fact is your daughter has more fun being with your friend and her daughter in Schertz than she does with you is pretty sad all she ever wanted with you was some one on one girl time, at least I gave her that. My stepdaughters escape like yours has become Daisy Scouts instead of it being the family unit.  Does it frustrate you when you look into your children’s faces that they look like Ben more and more each day? Does it frustrate you that your son acts like Ben causing fights and talking back? Does it frustrate you that your daughter enjoys conflict and confrontation like Ben?  How does it feel to be confronted by your ex-husband every day through your children?

Some days are better than others. Some days I am less about the rage and more about the sharing. Today however is not like that because today is another day I don’t get to see my stepdaughter and stepson. It is another day you are preventing them from seeing their dad. Let me be frank with you when our children come back home to us in 3899 days I will place the blame solely on your shoulders because you made us sign our rights away to the children because you were harming the children in my eyes you do not have any right to be any kind of mother to anything other than to yourself.


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