Dairy Queen Afterwards – Letter to Tori and Xander

Dear Tori and Xander,

Well it is the first workday of the government shutdown. I am not worried too much about it. God always provides. Monday I am starting my class for my first Clinical Pastoral Education credit to get my associates accreditation for my CPSP.  My associates will be in Pastoral Counseling or I can use it for chaplaincy. Either way it gets me closer to God’s calling. I was wondering how the two of you were doing?  Have you adjusted well, being back in school?

Just as a reminder Ash Wednesday is on the fourteenth of February so remember to say your confessions and to give up meat on Friday.  Also remember to take time out of every day to read your bible.  I understand that the world is tough and the bible can provide you with insight into how God wants you to live. We have found a great little church we are now attending on a regular basis. It is about an hour from the house but it is fun because on Sundays after church your dad and I always go to Dairy Queen afterwards. It is has become our tradition. We do not talk about the two of you at church. We figure it is easier not to mention the two of you because then people ask questions and we have to tell the story again what happened which ends up making people feel uncomfortable and sad. It just easier not to say anything and just smile.

We have a couple of people at the new church that you know that are attending there but we all just do not discuss it because it makes it easier to just continue on walking down the road. The two of you would really like it here because there are lots of children and youth that attend.  They are even going to have a Happening event which I know you would really enjoy Xander. They also have a children’s choir at the church which I know the both of you would have really enjoyed.

Tori, I have Peppa sitting on my desk. She still has the blue Band-Aid on her you put on her. I know you’re too old for Peppa pig now which I guess is the hardest part. By the time I will be able to talk and hug the two of you again you will be adults. It doesn’t matter even if we were able to have you come and see us today. I had my time stolen away and it is not as if anyone can ever give it back to me.  I have to believe God is working behind the scenes somehow and even if we do not hear from the two of you until you are both adults at least we know that you are coming to see us by your choice and not by someone else.  Xander I am putting the catapult replica that you got one Christmas together to put on my desk as well. Your dad got me a Pickle Rick that we picked up on Friday. So my desk has become like a small toy box with small toys and mementos reminding me of your dad and the two of you.

Anyway, things are going well.  I love and miss you both a lot.





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