Eugenics, Girl Scouts and the Unborn.

Every morning is hard. Seeing the numerous groups I belong too with posts about HCBPs and Fathers who had an issue during transitions. And then I come across meme’s like this….


It makes you stop and think. As a crisis theologian it brings the point home. What is the unborn? If you search the KJV bible you do not find anything on the unborn. Neither is the word in the NASB. Yet it is in the NRSVACE. Three times to be exact all in the Psalms. Each reference is talking about a future generation and the Lord.  At fertilization 23 chromosomes from the sperm and 23 chromosomes from the egg combine and divide to begin the process of creating a future generation from which God’s word can continue to spread. This thought made me think about my step-children. Cookie sales have started for the girl scouts and well this needs to be looked at a little further.


The WAGGGS supports International Planned Parenthood Federation.  The Girl Scouts of America in fact gave WAGGGS, $1,817,343, in 2007 on their 2007 tax return. This payment is the membership quota payment. Yet do we want our girls belonging to an overarching organization that has a relationship with International Planned Parenthood Federation?  Now when you break down the amount per girl given to support WAGGGS is something like .43 cents. How much of that is given to support IPPF I cannot honestly say. Therefore is it right to say that by buying Girl Scout cookies that you are supporting IPPF and abortions, NO. However, if you are pro-life then I would not want to support a group that is actively engaging an organization that provides information and badges dealing with sexual health and points them to Planned Parenthood. This is why I as a former Girl Scout will not be buying cookies from this organization.

Yes my step-daughter belongs to a daisy troop here where I live. Do I approve, NO. I disagree with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for allowing sexual engagement among unmarried scout leadership. I disagree for them allowing their leadership to actively cheat and destroy their marriages by engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior among adults in scout huts where children meet and who are supposed to teaching our children to be independent self-sufficient adults but yet cannot stand up morally and follow God’s law and covenant. Overall I find anything dealing with the scouts to be against my moral code as a Christian and as a human being.  The girl scouts have begun to follow more of Social Justice Warrior agenda which has made me turn my back on a group who taught me interesting things like how to sow and even taught me confidence in being different. The scouts I grew up with is no longer the scouts I would bring my children too.

I have found substitutes to my cookie needs now. There are adequate substitutes that are cheaper to my Samoa and Thin Mint cookie fix. So while the five year old wants to tell the girls at the door no I refuse to support a group that supports and advocates for the killing of babies. I will refrain and be the adult I have grown into and inform the girls that I am pro-life and will purchase my cookies inside for cheaper. I encourage you that read my blog to do the same. It is time for we stand up for our daughters and teach them what the Girl Scouts never will, that human life begins at contraception and not when a women chooses it to be. So to answer the question of what is the unborn? The unborn is anything before the sperm and egg unite. Therefore I will be supporting the UNBORN this cookie season by NOT BUYING COOKIES. Because whether it is by not saying anything or turning your head, encouraging the Girl Scouts is supporting the ideas of the World Association of  Girl Guides and Girl Scouts which supports Margret Sanger’s organization Planned Parenthood and its mission to fill out her eugenic ideals.





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