Live Your Dream – Christian Response

So in the midst of searching I found this site Live Your Dream. While most of it just gave me a chuckle I decided I would write about the Pledge to Empower Women they try to promote. Apparently they want me to support women living their dreams. While I could spend days on this pledge going through and dissecting the craziness of each pledge point I figured I would just go over it in broad strokes.

I pledge to be an advocate for women, to motivate and inspire women in my community.

Sure I can do that. I can inspire women to be faithful and obedient wives to their husbands and good Christian women. I believe the Church has become more of a social playground for feminist to preach their agenda under the cloak of Christianity and freedom of religion. Very few churches today actually put women in their correct place according to the word of God. Even Bible believing churches have female preachers which is expressly forbidden in 1 Corinthians 14:34. The statement however does not tell me what I should advocate so I figure yeah I can do that.

I will take action to help women live free of poverty, discrimination and violence.

Sure I can do this too. In the bible we are to take care of the widow and orphan. I figure women are part of that group. If they are struggling sure we are called to lift up a brother or a sister in need. Yet my question like any parent would be this How did you get here? Usually there is a poor decision that was made. Like maybe unprotected premarital sex or even leaving your husband instead of actually sticking to something and working it out. Either way I think it is important to ask the how or why so we can correct the problems that lead them to be in poverty and such. Providing them with pastoral care only temporarily relieves the issue it is not until you correct the behavior that you can make a life changing impact. Again though sure I can take care of women in need.

I will not be a bystander, I pledge to speak up against injustice.

Yeah that is in the bible too folks. I can do that. They do not speak about what injustice so I am going to figure it is for women because well this is a pro feminist site. The important thing to remember though is that I am not just going to stand silent if I see injustice being done to a man. The bible does not give preference to gender but instead includes everyone. Like Jesus we must take care of those and be a light for those who have no direction or way. Moses stood up against Pharaoh and led the nation of Israel to the Promised Land. While we may not be leading a nation we can lead others to a way of salvation and peace. While I know they want to focus on the injustice of women I believe there are many people every day that have to deal with injustice and therefore to exclude it based on gender is a little neglectful and unchristian.

I will help women achieve economic empowerment so they can provide better lives for themselves and their families.

Yeah no I am not going to do that. Women need to be learn in silence and be submissive. Statistics have found women are now more depressed by being in positions of power than their male counterparts. Economic empowerment could be finding a man and being a good wife to him so he can support you while you raise his children. Wow that was a 1950s endorsement. We need to encourage men to go back to church and lead our churches. When the men left the church women were left and like most things it has been messed up. So when men start attending church and leading it, then women will find true economic happiness because there will be a Christian foundation to this arrangement and God’s blessing. They will be peace in their families and when a family prays God provides. This is true economic empowerment for not just women but families as a whole when we bring men back as the heads of our households.

I pledge to help women access education by raising awareness about life-changing programs like, Live Your Dream: Education & Training Awards for Women.

Again yes I can do this but I am not pushing them to this site. I can push them to a site that promotes what the bible says about women and education. Life changing programs bring people into the Church and establish a relationship that honors and respects God. This site clearly does not do this considering their highlights of women’s history regarding contraception and family planning. Women need to be educated in order to be fluent enough to understand the complexities of the modern age women need to be educated so they can provide guidance to their husbands and raise their children in a manner that protects them from the roaring lion.

I pledge to help women live their dreams!

Well yeah as long as it is according to God’s law. I not going to help women go out and drag men through court destroying the family which is the foundation of our country.  I not going support women having dreams of being whores or strippers. I not even going to support women who promote a women’s right to choose.  So I guess I am going to have to say no to all of this really. I not going to pledge myself to an organization that violates every moral fiber of my being and wants to see the family my husband and I are building destroyed.

Why would I pledge myself to doing that?!?!




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