Helpmate for Adam

You know it is funny if you go onto twitter and type in the search bar feminist it appears that most of the tweets are those individuals putting down feminist. There is the occasional actual “coming out” feminist but there are actually very few in the way that are pro-feminism and pro-matriarchy. Lets talk about Oprah Winfrey and her statement where she said that all white men need to die. We can also look at the #KillAllMen hashtag that erupted as well.  First of all Oprah Winfrey is a feminist by boldly denying any tie to the feminist title. In all honesty her comments on having all white men have left me a little disturbed. Let us run some statistics on this. 71.7% of Physicians & surgeons are White in 2015. 64.4% of all physicians & surgeons are male. Either way you look at it you are removing over half of the United States surgeons from the population. That is pretty important considering that 85% of board-certified plastic surgeons are men. Yet it is more often than not that a women will be under the knife for an elective surgery than a man.  Women would have a difficult time with their hypergamy without elective surgery and no white men to do that surgery.

Now let us talk about the hashtag #KillAllMen. If you do some digging there is a YouTube vlogger who uses that hashtag a lot. It is difficult to determine if she is being satirical or not unlike this blog posting here. If you did that well then there goes most of your doctors, bus and truck mechanics, electrical power line installers and brick, block, and stonemasons. Therefore if we kill all men our health, transportation of products, electrical power, and buildings will be gone. Not to mention our ability to continue on the species. This hashtag is suggesting not only violence but the ending of the human race. Who is advocating for this line of thought?!?! Feminist. Yet let us look at the #MGTOW movement. This is only a slower death to the human species due to a lack of engaging in repopulating the species. The end goal for #MGTOW is to bring down the matriarchy/feminist movements and then reestablish the traditional contract of men and women.

Overall I think it is important that we as “women” need to reevaluate our need for men. We need to realize that they are important to our survival. “We” are men’s helpmates. We were made to serve and help men in our existence according to the word of God. In Genesis women was created to be a mate to Adam. Therefore, we need men in order to survive and have purpose ladies. When we do not have men, we will die just like our families and human race will. The problem is that we have forgotten how important men are to our survival and success. When we fail to work together as a unit, we fail the human race. So women we must remember our place to server and honor our men like we serve and honor our God.




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