Live Like A Dog

Good Morning Tori and Xander,

I know it has been a while since I have written but to be honest what is there to say? Nothing really has changed. We still haven’t heard from you or seen you now for 443 days.  That is 10,632 hours or 637,920 minutes or 38,275,200 seconds.  I been trying to continue to move forward. Every day I take another step. I started a collection of ponies at work. I am not sure who they all are but the big one is one that your Dad got me. Her name is Derpy. Having the ponies here reminds me of the two of you and they are always getting into mischief here at work.

I found a great quote on twitter this morning. It is by Bro Dyfrig BFdeb. He is a Basset Fauve de Bretagne . He lives in a monastery with several nuns. He said that he is just going to try to be more like a dog because it is the only way to cope with all the sadness in the world.  Brother Duncan said it best here. That dogs remind us to live in the moment and be grateful for everything. I just wanted the two of you to know I was grateful for year or two I had with you. You made a deep impact on my life that I will never forget. I got to talk to a coworker yesterday about the two of you it was nice to finally have someone listen and even ask.

Too often no one talks to me anymore about the two of you. I think people are afraid I will act like Derpy and lose my marbles. To be honest I am past that point. I realize that I am not going to see the two of you for 3919 days so what is the point of going crazy. Work is going well people like to comment on my keychain and lunchbox which has ponies on both. The college approved my degree of completion of my third Masters degree. Thank you for struggling with me through that I really appreciate it. This website has been sort of a ministry for me. I been able to help others through their pain by presenting information to them to show them they are not alone. Thank you for enduring your current battle so I can bring light and hope to others.

Athena and Maxwell are doing well.  They both miss you a lot. Maxwell has not been doing well with all the fireworks but we are hoping that will come to an end soon. They really like cheese and Athena has been missing you both. We put blankets out on the couch for both of them during the day so they can stay warm which I know they are really appreciating right now since it is so cold outside. Athena still loves to give kisses and Maxwell has been quite the hugging dog lately. I think they both miss the two of you a lot.

I decided to take the money I would have spent on presents for the two of you this year and made some donations to Goats of Anarchy and to Happy Wings Sanctuary . Goats of Anarchy was in need of donations to purchase their final home with more land to help their goats. Then Happy Wings Sanctuary we gave a donation to be a Secret Santa to Mr. BoBae. We figured by donating the money would have spent on gifts for you too that we were able to help others in need which is a gift that keeps on giving. So thank you for allowing us to do that.

Anyway, I will let the two of you go. I hope that you have had a good vacation and I know you are looking forward to starting school next week.  I miss the both of you a lot and can not wait to see the two of you again.

Hugs and Kisses.

I love you.





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