Alpha Female – Dating A Sinner/Feminist

Welcome to the New Year!!! This year we are going to work on more positive steps forward and not looking back as much. So today I did some searching online and found an article on ASKMEN: Become a Better Man website. I ran across an interesting article called How to Date an Alpha Female on a men’s site written by a female. So let’s go in first how and why would a man want to read an article written by a women on how to date a woman? Not to mention she is the curator for a website that provides positive and constructive critiques of male nude photos. The pro side she is a lawyer. So my hope is that while reading the article she would provide a logical aspect on how to date an alpha female. I mean after learning about her you could make the assumption she is writing about how to date someone like herself.

She discusses how Alpha Females tend to be more competitive, outgoing, ambitious and impatient then the Beta females. Let’s see competitive, outgoing, ambitious and impatient…..that sounds like feminism. It could be said that the rise of the alpha female was not really seen until the rise of feminism in the 1960s. Maybe I am kind of cynical with having to help my current husband with his divorce but it seems to me that the reason men have to have rules in dating an Alpha Female is because we allowed Feminism to take hold in our society. Feminism is based on the alpha female. Yet when you look at studies that have been completed that most females are unhappy now than ever before because of feminism.

1st Rule: Her Success Doesn’t “Emasculate” You

Lets see, hmmm, if women would just be submissive to their husbands like the bible instructs us too then my victories in my house, life, and daily activities become a gift for my husband and therefore would be nothing in competition with but be because of him. Many women work today her success in the work place only because she receives support from her husband so her success is not something a man would be emasculated from but something he has contributed too.

2nd Rule: Treat her with the Same Respect You’d Afford an Alpha Male.

Yeah well if that is what you want ok. However, if a man is an Alpha in say pluming and another man is alpha in sales then it is not the same respect men show if they were both Alpha men in pluming. Alpha men will see you as competition for resources at work if you want to be treated with the same respect then prepare to fight like you want it. Jezebel was an alpha female. We see where respect and admiration got her.

3rd Rule: Have a Measured Attitude Towards Her Sexuality.

This means be respectful about her sex life and her experimental behavior. When I read this I think encourage and support hypergamy. Understand and respect that she is going to monkey branch to the next better male while you support her current endeavors. The need to respect her over emphasized sexual behavior is contrary to biblical teaching. Her sexual adulteress behavior is a sin against her own body and therefore you must protect yourself from it.

4th Rule: Consider Her Competing Commitments

Again another issue with Feminism. With the demands of women being independent and self-sufficient, women have been forced to take on full time jobs and move out of the home. This means that between the job, social obligations, and monkey branching she may have little to no time for you. You are going to need to take a number and wait in line. You might get a dinner in which you need to pay for but other than that you might not receive anything. Alpha Women are typically going to be older women because they have dedicated their lives to being successful in the work place, and unfortunately they cannot fulfill their obligations to teach younger women about their responsibilities as a women.

5th Rule: Recognize the Benefits

She can be your mentor. Wow. Not something I would be real comfortable with consider the rise in the #METOO issues. One of the benefits mentioned is that these women will be less needy and self-sufficient so you do not feel like you’re being used for your income. Yet is that not the point. Men are to provide for their women and women are to serve and provide for the needs of their husbands. This is an important aspect because while women may not be able to support financially they are able to do other things based upon their talents.

So in summary, dating an Alpha Female is essentially dating a Feminist. She is also a female that is most likely not following the will of God in her own life. Like Jezebel you must not engage with her or end up having to mend your relationship with God through repentance.  For in the end God made Eve from Adam and because we are made from man we must serve man. When we fail to do this as women we fail to follow God’s divine holy plan for us in which we will receive our greatest fulfillment. So my thoughts today for the men that read this blog is to search for the Beta Female because she is waiting for you so she can fulfill God’s divine plan with you instead of using you as branch for her hypergamy.





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