Feminism Killed The Family – Playing The Victim

Happy New Years Eve!!! Today we cover the last technique used by female narcissist.  I think it is important to finish the year with this final post.  Tonight Ben and I are planning to watching a Rick and Morty marathon and eating pizza and deserts. Now let us finish this series by discussing the final stage.

Playing the Victim

I have discussed this in another blog found here. The concept of playing a victim is when you finally confront the narcissist with their lies and behaviors. They end up saying they behave this way because they have no other options or because someone drove them to do it this way. In a lot of ways as more and more women lead our households whether single or married they raise our children to be victims. They teach our children to consider themselves as special and therefore if they are not identified as special then they default to the victim role.
The more our children learn how to be victims the more we will fail as a society. Our sons will become Beta Males and our daughters will become alpha females. Opposite of the way God intended. This is how feminism has killed the family. They have forced the roles to be reversed which in times of trials we need our men to be strong, defend us, and hunt. As women, we are naturally inclined to want to stay home and maintain it. We find more joy in raising our children and taking care of our homes. Yet the more that feminist get a hold of our culture the fact that women need to work and put off having a family.

Playing the victim allows for the attention a narcissist female needs to gain the support they need to raise their children since they forced their father to walk away. The victim is how women in general develop their war parties to carry on the lies and war cries to others. The victim role is the result of all of the narcissistic traits combined. It is at this point most men have experienced all other nine traits and they are so exhausted by this point that playing the victim is the throw away trait and makes for fathers to have an easy exit particularly at the end of a divorce.

In our experience IT was always a victim. IT made itself a victim to its children. This was done to try to draw an emotional response from us during the divorce. In the end though we told the children that this was adult issues that they did not need to be involved with. However, there were times we would have to tell the children that we had no emotional concern for IT. We would continue and say that is why IT had the Army Reserve Officer to reinforce their desires to be the victim. We taught the children being special and playing a victim was not productive and often would do more harm to them than work for them in society.

Therefore, in conclusion playing the victim is never a positive thing. It is a result of all the other techniques failing.  I would recommend Fathers dealing with these issues need to stand up and confront the female narcissist. You need to confront them and document the activity and lies to show that these activities are not the best interest of your children but in the end, do more harm to your children. We walked away because although we knew leaving them with IT was not in their best interest we were so tired and IT was doing so much harm to the children that we hoped by removing ourselves IT would reduce the amount of hurt IT did to our children. I guess we will never know for at least 3923 days. However, until then we continue to grow and move on to be ready to help our children when they finally return.


Happy New Year Tori and Xander!!!

We love and miss you and look forward to see you in 3923 days.





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