Jesus What A Crazy Dependa – Increasing the Volume

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Today I posted a podcast. Please let me know what you think by reaching out to me through the contact form here. It has been a busy day and I hope everyone has some exciting New Years plans. Please remember to be respectful of Veterans during this time of year. Many do not engage will with fireworks and while it can be a joy for you it can be an upsetting night for these individuals and their families. Talking about loud noises today we are covering Narcissistic Female’s defense number eight.

Increasing the Volume; Not the Logic

While this is a defense mechanism for Narcissistic women it is used by all women at some point during an emotionally intense situation. It is funny when you think about it that we raise our voices louder assuming that volume will get our points across any better than just reasoning out with the individual we are having a disagreement with. A great place to watch this Narcissistic action in form is on Youtube or Bitchute. I thought I would share some of the comments.

  • “I feel bad for you. Jesus what a crazy dependa”
  • Don’t worry everybody, she will be completely cured by the prison psychiatrist and released so she can set her younglings on fire.  Lock her up.
  • “ughhh …how could you marry this woman ?”
  • That kid had more sense than a grown woman 😳
  • “Dude 20 years Navy never got married, never been happier. Freedom is not being married to a retard because that wonderful person you married at 19 or 20 loses their shit ten years down the road”
  • Jesus image a day in the life of that husband. I’m surprised he made it that long with her.

I think this was probably the number one defense mechanism Ben and I experienced with IT. The screaming when Ben would bring cops with him for a civil standby. How IT would run into the table in the courtroom when you wouldn’t notice IT walking away. When IT had the kids we would send emails asking to speak to the children and it was utter silence. Yet when we would not give an immediate response to an email we would hear howls of rage with outrageous demands and threats. Recording all the conversations that transpired on Ben’s phone between IT and him ensured our protection from the erratic behavior. In many ways it showed how hostile and unstable IT was when communicating with other adults.

I think the thing that broke my heart the most was watching IT on a video recording screaming at my husband in a crazy manner with no logic or rhyme or reason. To give you an idea, a police officer was there as well and IT had no logic or reasoning skills to assume that this probably was not the time or place to lose it. In the last couple of seconds of the video you hear my step-daughter talking. What mother would ever act like that in front of their daughter? She is failing to keep her emotions in check which teachers her daughter it is ok to throw temper tantrums when you do not get your way. Two of my coworkers watched that video, one cried and the other was horrified at IT’s behavior particularly when they heard my step-daughters voice at the end. The one who cried was a mother of a four year old little girl.

If women and particularly narcissistic women could just grow up and learn to use their words instead of their actions to discuss how they are feeling and what they are wanting I think the comments above would be less negative. Unfortunately as our population gets dumber, women get dumber and do dumber things which in a lot of ways is how society will reestablish the patriarchy because women will reach a threshold of stupidity that in order to save the human population men will finally step back up and lead their families instead of just letting women and family court system do what they will.

Tomorrow we will be covering Blame and Shame, something I am sure me and my husband are the targets of today.




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