Cuck To His Own Wife – Smear Campaign

I uploaded a new podcast today. Please check it out.  If there is a topic you would like me to cover please reach out to me via the contact tab of the website. Today we are going to be talking about probably the second most painful defense tactic used by HCBM. This is called the

Smear Campaign

Burgemeester could not put it more clearly than this.

“It’s not enough for a narcissistic woman to disagree with you or despise you. Everyone else in her world, including your own family and friends, must also hate you and see how wrong you are.”

When I first heard Smear Campaign my mind goes directly to politics. In a lot of ways at least in our instance it was related to politics. A HCBM who was an undiagnosed Narcissistic feminist and Ben who was a Patriarchal Male. We are not the only ones who have faced this battle and therefore I share our experiences because the Smear Campaign is the second worst tactic used by not just Narcissist but Females in general. A smear campaign is nothing more that gossip, a lie with a sliver a truth that is shared with everyone you know to ensure that despite you desperately wanting to share the truth with them it will be seen through a filter.

Ben’s parents rolled IT into court in her wheelchair to support it. That is when we had our final proof that IT had completed and successfully engaged in a Smear Campaign against us. I have no doubt that IT made deals like the devil to get a mother to turn against her son. I have no doubt she was promised frequent visitations to see her grandchildren by IT. Ben also lost a great deal of friends to the smear campaign. Cucks who saw and heard the sirens calls for help and their need to be white knights. Why would people believe IT? I often ask that question. What purpose did it serve them to follow IT?

Nobody understands that all we asked Ben’s mother and family to do was NOT see the children if it was someone other than him bringing them up there. HCBM was engaging in other defense tactics and had already started the smear campaign so we were just asking that they not see their grandchildren until we brought them up there. That to me and I think for most people is not an unreasonable request. It was not like we told her she had to cut off all contact with the children just not engage with IT.


Then we got pics of them having dinner at Raising Cains seen above. All smiling listening to the Sirens tale of victim-hood. We also had pictures sent to us at other meals during their visit. At those meals I think the only person not happy to be there was Ben’s dad and even still because he was a cuck to his own wife, we are now in the situation we are now in.  Where we have forgiven but when you dismiss your own flesh and blood for IT then you lose. I say lose because when the children come to know the truth about what happened they probably will not want to engage with anyone that helped and lead individuals to help IT get to its final objective….


Ben retained about four out of ten mutual friends from the divorce. Most of the friends he retained had already bad previous relationships with IT so to them it was an easy choice. Of all the defense tactics used in our situation I think this was second most painful because it reduced our families on both sides. Yet it is in these difficult times you come to realize who your true family is. Ben and I pray every day for the family and friends we lost because they fell for Satan’s lies. They have turned their ears and hearts away from the truth. But unfortunately it will only be a miracle that reunites all of us together.


This is the only and last photo we have of the family together minus Ben’s Dad.





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