Family Court Story and Christ

Let’s take the family court system today and apply it Mary and Joseph’s situation. Mary was about 15 or 16 when she is given the Christ child. Joseph and Mary had not even yet been married. Feminist would have rallied around Mary to either abort the baby or to take the supposed father to family court. Mary being the “good church girl” decides to take Joseph to court. The court finds her to be a minor and her lawyer informs her that if she was raped the feminist will support her in this decision as part of their #METOO campaign and present to the court that the baby was a result of non-consensual rape. Although she never presented her experience with him to the police. This evidence will show that Joseph is an unfit father and prone to violent behaviour.

The court then decides that it is the “Best Interest of the Child” that Jesus be raised by Mary. Joseph will be forced to pay 25% of his monthly earnings to Mary as child support. Because he has been accused of rape, his friends and family leave him. He is relieved of his job because his employee has found out what he was accused of. Joseph starts to get behind on his child support. Mary and the feminist that support her take him back to court to obtain more child support and because she fears he will abduct their child she is requesting for supervised visitation for the protection of her child. Christ sees his father a sum of eight days a month if he can afford to pay for the supervised visitation. Joseph ends up in jail because of his failure to pay his child support and ends up committing suicide because of the lack of communication with his son and loss of family. Mary remarries and has her new husband adopt Christ just to continue the cycle when she divorces her new husband. The cycle continues over and over until Christ turns 18 and goes MGTOW.

Yet we are blessed that the Family Court was not involved in the experience between Mary, Joseph, and Christ.  We are blessed that feminist did not have a voice during this time. And probably the greatest blessing is that during the time a Christ is that Patriarchy was standard protocol for families and society in general.

Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone.



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