Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

In 2016 17.2 million children lived only with their mothers. These 17.2 million children will not get to see their Dad this Christmas. My two step-children will be two of those 17.2 children. This will be our second Christmas without our children. A second Christmas with no holiday meal, Christmas presents, or Midnight Mass. Part of me begins to wonder if my step-children even remember their Dad. Do they ever ask Santa to bring their Dad back? If they did how would they react to the Grinch that is their Santa now?  How would they respond? Realizing that it was Santa and his elves that forced their father out of their lives. I can just see Santa laughing and mocking my step-children for wanting to see their Dad. The thing though that Santa forgets is that during Santa’s greatest time of need neither one of Santa’s parents were there. Santa’s mom was drinking and Santa’s dad was working. It took despite matters before it finally woke up Santa’s parents to get help that Santa needed. Yet what does Santa do today? Santa continues the tradition of drinking just like Santa’s mom did over thirty years ago. Are you going to be so incoherent Santa with your drinking you would allow my step-daughter to experience your same experiences?

I ask you Santa, is that what you want for my step-children? Do you want them to be one of the 63% of youth suicides that come from a fatherless home? Or even worse have my step-son become a rapist with anger management problems because he does not have his dad to teach him how to be the man he needs to be? What would you tell my step-children if there father was one of the 24,672 men that decide to end their life this year because of what you did to him Santa? I ask you Santa how can you live with yourself, how can you believe you are actually believe that what you did was in the best interest of my step-children. Why do you want to hurt my step-children Santa? Why do you allow for their Christmas to be filled with grey clouds and disappointments because of your need for revenge? The sad part is that you allow my step-son Santa to walk around with guilt and shame for the idea that he drove his dad off and now has to watch his little sister grow up without her Superhero.

Yet Santa, as much as you wish you could roll back time and undo your need for revenge. You have to live like this. A failing marriage to Mrs. Clause, having to go back to your parents Santa. At your age most adults can afford to live on their own and support a family. Yet you Santa cannot. My step-children suffer because of your pride Santa. You have set up my step-children in less than academic superior schools with grades from the state of D+ and D. It is amazing Santa how you are setting up my step-children to not be better than you but instead worse than you. Yet you still believe you are doing what is in the best interest of my step-children. All I can say to you Santa is I pray for you. I pray that when you eventually have to meet God that you can look past yourself and see the pain you inflicted on your children. Because Santa, my step-children still love you despite all the pain you continue to inflict on them daily. Enjoy wishing them Merry Christmas Santa. Because in 3936 days I might not be able to convince them to speak to you and wish you a Merry Christmas when they come back again.

Merry Christmas.




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