Neo-Orthodox Anglo-Catholic

So I figured I would talk a little bit more about me today because it will help everyone next week when I begin discussing the lack of masculinity in the church you will understand why I view the church as being weaker today than it has ever been since its founding over 2000 years ago. I am an Anglo-Catholic. This means that I believe in the 39 Articles of Religion and I want to attend a church that has a priest that has been ordained through Apostolic Succession.  Apostolic Succession means that its priests can trace their lineage of ordination all the way back to the original disciples. As you can probably tell, I am very conservative. I believe that the bible is the word of God. God is someone we should fear and respect. It was through the sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus Christ, that we are able to obtain salvation. We cannot nor should we ever believe that salvation and forgiveness is by faith alone. You must live out the word of God (works) but also understand that ultimately it is God decision therefore you must have faith that we shall receive forgiveness and salvation at the end of days.

I have been told I have a Neo-Orthodox point of view in a lot of ways. I believe you must confess your sins to one another in order for a priest to absolve you of your sins. That it cannot just be pray for forgiveness and it is received. I tell you all this because I believe hard core conservative Anglo-Catholics are being edged out of our churches because we believe in the seven sacraments. That women’s ordination is against the word of God and that a marriage is between a man and a women. I have left the Episcopal Church because of these reasons. They have fallen for an individualized and personal relationship with Christ that they have adapted to modern society instead of the church remaining solid in its foundations with a fear and respect of God at its heart. The word of God is lost in Episcopal Church. So now my family and I have become wonders exploring various Anglican churches praying for an adherence to the word of God and orthodox practices in accordance with the Anglo-Catholic tradition.

I was asked once by an acquaintance what I believed heaven was like. I told them heaven to me is this. A huge cathedral with incense filling and billowing out of the building. Everyone in rhythm.  Everyone showed up to the service on time and responded, stood, sat and kneeled at the same time. We all chanted the Psalms and said the Nicene Creed in the following form Mass ordinary § III. Credo. There is also a beautiful pipe organ playing all the keys on pitch and there was a devout faith in reserving this time for God. That is my idea of heaven. I want to walk into a church and feel like I belong. I do not want to be told all the time that Jesus loves us I want to know about his sacrifice, I want to know about the certainty of God. If I can find and experience this then I can say I have found my home. Until then, I continue to search for the promised land that the chosen people so desperately desired praying that God will lead me to where I need to be.




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