Doomed To Repeat The Same Mistakes

Dear Tori and Xander,

It looks like the cooler weather is here to stay. YEAH!!!  I know you both must be excited for your two week break. I hope the two of you have gotten to decorate your house full of Christmas lights and set up the Christmas tree. Setting up the Christmas tree was always my favorite activity during the Advent season. It allowed me to go through and view all the cool ornaments I had made for the family tree. I doubt your father and I will do a tree this year unless it is my snoopy tree. It is OK though. I am thinking about maybe putting up the Hello Kitty Christmas Decoration in the front yard this year if your dad is willing to help me.

I am bound and determined though to make cookies for me and your dad. His favorite is oatmeal raisin and mine are buck-eyes.  I am thinking about using the Reese’s Peanut Butter to make them because I know that was your favorite candy Tori.  I know making cookies is not really all that much of a tradition but it helps your dad and I start our own traditions while honoring the traditions we used to do with the two of you. I talk about traditions in my podcast here. Maybe next year after we finish cleaning out your rooms we will work on making the house look more festive so we can have our friends come over and visit?

I am sure you both have traditions that your blended family now do, that you look forward to each year. I hope that you will be able to share them with your individual families when you grow up. Traditions are important to establishing our culture and heritage that allows us to be identified as individuals and as a community. When your family lacks traditions no matter how small you fail to keep in touch with the history of the cultures you come from. This means we lose a connection with our past and thus bound to repeat the same mistakes our ancestries have made.

One of my favorite places that has a rich heritage of traditions is the church. That is why I loved All Saints Anglican Church so much. However, they like the rest of society have given way to more modern day traditions than the traditions that made them the beautiful church they were. There is nothing better than doing things the OLD WAY. I guess that is why I am still a fan of the 1928 Book of Common Pray. There is something beautiful about its traditions and words. Something the words in modern speak do not have. I recognize that your dad and I were old fashioned in a lot of ways but we hope that you remember it was those traditions that made us the people we are today. We do not want to suffer the same mistakes as past generations have.  This is why we do what we do.

I hope that you will remember what we taught you and shared with you so you can ensure you make better and wiser decisions that previous generations because without this wisdom we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again.






7 thoughts on “Doomed To Repeat The Same Mistakes

  1. This breaks my heart for you! Praying and hoping you find peace. One day you will be reunited with your babies I’m sure!

      1. Yes it is! May I ask why you decided to sign over rights? It sounds like BM was crazy and that your Step Kids loved you! I wasn’t able to find the reason on your Blog. If that’s too personal I understand!

      2. A combination of Parental Alienation and the children were being used as weapons against us. They experienced a lot of stress from their BM after spending time with us with constant inquiries and interrogations. We just could not have the kids suffer any longer so we prayed and decided to sign our rights away so they could have peace.

      3. Wow, that’s extremely selfless of you both! One day they will thank you! I’m sorry you had to deal with such a high conflict bio mom. I can’t imagine not seeing my Step Son, my heart is breaking for you.

      4. It is amazing the strength God provides us when we are called to follow his word. Thank you for your comments I really appreciate them.

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