Remember To Be Nice

Dear Tori and Xander,

I hope you are staying warm today. I wanted to let you know that your dad and I had a snowball fight with one another in the snow that fell at our house.  Athena and Maxwell did not like the snow and stayed inside where it was warm. We finally turned on the heater to house last night because it was really cold. It was really an amazing experience. Your dad and I missed you both we know it was your first snow experience Tori and we hope you had a really fun time playing in the snow. We also hope that both of you had a warm enough jacket to wear to play in the snow.

I am finally completed with all my classes. So I am done with my degree now. Now I can dedicate more time to this and my podcasts. My hope is to do another podcast this evening or tomorrow. Your dad and I are planning a trip for tomorrow so I might go ahead and just do the podcast with him. I am still working on his blanket for him. I am hoping to get it done soon so it will be available for him on Christmas. What are you doing for Christmas this year?  Are you going anywhere? I am hoping to make cookies at some point this holiday season.

I love making cookies. As a child it was my favorite thing to do. Even with me being a T1D I still enjoyed the smells and the mixing. I will be honest I feel like I am being cheated out of a lot of things without having the two of you in our lives. I wish this had not been the way but we knew having peace was better than living in fear and frustration. I hope the two of you have gotten over your anger and frustration with your mom and have learned to love an appreciate her. I hope that you have learned to come to at least respect your step-dad. If you haven’t remember that we never know when we will have to come face to face with our Lord and maker so it is important that you treat those even who you despise with the same way you wished to be treated.

Anyway I will go ahead and let the two of you go and have a wonderful time. Know that your dad and I miss you a lot and hope that the two of you are having fun and experiencing joy. You just have two more weeks of school until you are out for your winter break. Remember to be nice to those who are less fortunate than you because we must take care of those in need. Have a blessed day the two of you.




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