High Conflict Birth Parent (HCBP) Results of Divorce On Our Children

For those having to deal with a High Conflict Birth Parent (HCBP),

Have you wondered if you are dealing with a HCBP? If you have to ask this question then I would venture to say then yes you are engaging with one. We need to look at the impact of a HCBP on those they choose to battle with. First the lay out after the divorce and removal of your rights to your children a year after the event.


As you can see in the image above often the ex-spouse will get remarried as was the case with my husband. We turned purple pill after his experiences the issues of hypergamy. The ex-spouses parents and family will turn on the ex-spouse due to gynocentrism. They are ruled by a matriarchy which goes against how successful societies have run for years. Those family members who choose not to get involved are marked in grey because in their world, you walked into this and we do not want to get involved.

In all honesty that is the best decision you can make when you’re the family member of someone involved with a HCBP. As you can see the only red pill on here is the children. The impact of multiple divorces and a HCBP results in our children not wanting to develop relationship or friendship at any point in their life. As they get older they will hate the wall that has been built around them which prevents them from seeing their other parent.

The picture above shows the red, blue, and purple aspect of a divorce with a HCBP. HCBP end up building walls around themselves and their children which impacts them and their future life choices. Doing this can end a family tree if your child is the only boy.  If not then you end up placing a lot of pressure to continue the family name on the other male child. Half of the DNA options are reduced if a child decided to go MIGTOW. While this reduces the family tree making it more into a shrub, which was caused by the HCBP and supporters. We do this when we engage in battle. We do this when we are more concerned with our own personal feelings instead of being adults and making the best decision for our children.

So what are my recommendations?

My recommendations are as follows.


By remaining neutral to the HCBPs demands and not engaging in the stories and conflict you support the child. Who has the opportunity to make decisions on their own without influence from a side.  It provides you the opportunity to support the child as they work out their feelings to the episodes of conflict and harm being done. If each family member and friend of the two spouses and step-parents remained neutral, then they become the foundation for the child which neither of their parents can or should provide them because of a high conflict divorce.

So remember when you are being asked to be drug into a conflict with a HCBP no matter how you are related to them. Remain neutral because it is only by remaining neutral that you can keep the lines of communication open to the children’s parents and still be engaged with the child when they will need you the most.






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