Disney Fails Us

Good Morning Step-parents and Parents,

Welcome to the middle of the week.  Today is the one year anniversary of us finally setting the child support office straight about us having to sign our rights away. May God’s will be done. I have published my new podcasts and it is now available on Itunes. You can also find it on the website here.  I talk in this episode on holding children accountable. I believe we have failed our generation in this aspect. We have not taught them how to be dependent on their own, how to make smart decision, and how to logic anything out. With the rise of gynocentrism, our boys have lost their role models. The family court system is the crowning jewel of the gynocentrism. Divorce should to be handled as contract law. Marriage is contract and the results end up better for both spouses when we place it under contract law. This would mean the removal of the no-fault divorce. The no-fault divorce was first introduced in California in the 1970s signed by Ronald Reagan. Today the only place that does not offer a form of no-fault divorce is New York.

This easy out is what our children have seen. 50% of all children have seen at least one divorce and 25% of those will see the divorce of their primary parents next marriage. Where is the responsibility and tenacity to work things out? It is poor decisions on our parts as parents for making the rush decision to get married without fully vetting the person out or understanding the entire person before they are married. The lack of religious involvement leads to no support structure to assist during the rough times of a marriage. Disney fails to teach us as women that marriages are going to be hard. We see the fairy tale engagement and wedding but we never see the next day when the house is a mess and you have developed the routine of taking out the trash on Wednesday and laundry every night. We are never taught that it is the routines of our marriage that keeps them strong. When we desire the greener grass we break the foundation of our marriages. Gynocentrism finds hypergamy to be the positive results of women bettering themselves which is also proclaimed by the feminist.

Gynocentrism has led to the breakdown of our society as we know it. Being the person I am I am not into asking “What proper pronoun should I use to today to refer to you?” I do not have time to ask that. In the end I want to ask if your body was burned beyond recognition what is your DNA going to say? Male or Female, an Adam or an Eve. What and how you feel does not define your sex. Your sex, scientifically speaking defines your part in the reproduction of life. You either give sperm or provide an egg. Basic science. The whole how I feel and what I identify with is nothing more than emotions and personal preferences. You cannot however, change what you provide to the reproduction process, you cannot change what your DNA says about you. While the results of Gynocentrism have destroyed our basic understandings of ourselves as animals. We have to hold on to some hope, even if it is the size of a mustard seed, that the mess ups of our generation will be forced to correct themselves putting our children once again right with God.





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