Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Good Morning Everyone,

With Black Friday gone we now are now head deep into the holiday season. Yet for many of us who are grieving stepparents or grieving parents, the concept of the Holiday season is just another day to walk alone. Yet when we really look at it, the holiday season was never meant to be with presents. We are called to take a moment and do repentance. This is the meaning of Advent. A reflective time to prepare ourselves for the greatest gift of all, the birth of our Lord and Savior. As parents, we are driven to want to ensure our children do not forget us so we fight to ensure we get the best and greatest gift for our children. Yet in all honesty is that how you want your child to remember you?

I remember as a child how my dad’s parents hated my mother. We saw them maybe once or twice a year over a meal. They would spend a couple of hours after the meal buying us each a gift and then they would head back to their home. At Christmas I never saw them but I always knew I would be getting a hundred-dollar check. For my birthday, I always received a fifty-dollar check. I knew very little of my dad’s parents other than they were made of money and very intelligent. He had been part of the Apollo missions to space. He was part of the steam team. My grandmother I know very little about other than she met my Grandfather while playing tennis.

The problem is when we spoil our children by spending so much money instead of time we lose our ability to develop memories with them. We become nothing more than cash machines for them. Is that how we want our children to remember us?  For example, my mom’s father took me to one of the best movies ever when I was little.  I never forget sitting next to him in the theater.  We watched The Secret of Nimh. We watched it in the dollar movie theater so it was cheap and had been out for a couple of years.  I guess I was about five. But it was an amazing experience just being able to sit with my hero.

When I look back at all my memories I have nothing in the way of physical items that anyone bought or shared. Yet I have memories that make me smile and comfort me in times of trouble. When Jesus was at the last super he breaks the bread, and says Do this in remembrance of me.[1] Those words are the reason why Christians perform the actions of the last supper for church services. Yet from a parent point of view Do this activity in remembrance of me can be those simple things of praying before a meal or even just taking care of a sibling. We want our children to remember us for our actions and activities not for the money and gifts we purchase. Because items do not replace the memories of us being engaged in their lives.


[1] Luke 22:19, KJV


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