Chocolate Doughnuts, Chilli Pie, and Chicken Alfredo

Good Morning Xander and Tori,

Happy Turkey Day!!! I hope you are going to have a great day and enjoy the feast that is prepared for you.  Today we started the day with chocolate doughnuts and chocolate milks. Today we are going to be cooking chilli pie and chicken alfredo. Tomorrow after we go to Cabelas, we are going to come home and finish some left-over house chores and then make pot-roast.   Today while eating doughnuts we were listening to Bearing  and Sugar, his girlfriend.  They make us laugh because of their blunt honesty.

I know we are not doing a traditional Thanksgiving but we just do not see the point of making so much food and never being able to eat it all before it went bad. So we are just going to continue with our traditional food. I think you would be proud of me. I made my first Podcast and it got published on ITunes. So, I am going to be doing at minimum one show a week.  It is only 15 minutes but talking any longer might get kind of boring. I might at some point get your dad to talk on it. It is now published also on YouTube.  It is in two sections but I am hoping that the next time it goes into one video because I have made some changes to the account to get it in one video next time.

We must remember to pray for your dad. As head of our household he bears a lot on his shoulders ensuring we are all ok. Even we have no ability to communicate with you for 3,961 days he still considers you family and his children. A couple of people in your dad’s family has turned on him because he informed them that we missed the two of you. In their childish manner they proved the point that TFM has on gynocentrism.  My hope is that the two of you that you pray for your Dad and his family this Thanksgiving.  Some great insights though are there have been three people from your dad’s family that have come to his defense in being able to share his thoughts and disappointment at not being able to see you today.

Anyway, I must get to cleaning out your room Xander so I am going to have to let the two of you go. I hope that you enjoy the day. I am thinking that next week I am going to be writing a series on gynocentrism and its destruction of the American family. Gynocentrism goes against God’s word and against the family. Our families need to be set up and replicated like Jesus is to the Church.[1] Gynocentrism is the rallying cry for feminist in today’s modern world. I hope to show through my writing how it is actually destroying our world and goes against God’s word.

I love and miss you both.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Hugs and Kisses,



[1] Eph. 5:22-27, KJV.


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