Tater Tot Casserole, Pyrex Measuring Cups, and FF VII

Good morning Tori and Xander,

How was your first day off of your vacation?  Did you have fun and enjoy the day.  It was beautiful outside. I just wanted to let you know I finished my degree and will be graduating this December. My Christian Healing class I am taking is for fun but not required for me to graduate. I wanted to thank the two of you for being so patient with me while I spent many weekends reading and studying. I know it was not easy for the two of you but I am sure glad you were able to stick it out with me. I felt it was important to obtain this degree. God was calling me to finish it. Yet I cannot help but feel that it would have been a lot more joyful to celebrate if you were here with me.

I decided not to walk the stage for this. I guess I will never walk the stage to be hooded. I did not walk the stage for my bachelors or get hooded in any of my masters. I had always hoped to have my family there to watch me. Since the two of you would not be there I decided I just would have the diploma mailed to me.  Your dad told me this morning he was able to find the Pyrex measuring cups that I used to use over at your house. He asked me if I wanted to use them again. I was excited to have the opportunity to use something that each one of you had used. It is going to be like having you back in the kitchen.

I have made more efforts lately to cook for your Dad again. I know he was missing it. I love cooking for your dad. The way he taste tests all the food and actually sits with me in the kitchen and will watch me cook. It is nice to have him there to talk to. I have been working on my soups lately but your dad told me today that he wants to get out the Pyrex casserole containers and make him casseroles again. I think the first one I am going to do is the Tater Tot casserole because that is his favorite. I might even venture out and try to do banana pudding with lots of vanilla wafers. We will have to see but I love making your dad happy because he is my best friend.

Your dad and I as part of clearing out your rooms are going to be setting up all the game stations in the living room so we can organize the games and maybe even play them. Your dad is better at video games than I am. I prefer to read but if I am going to be playing again it has to be a pattern like game. So I guess I will be playing the farming game. I am hoping to get the Wii set back up and play those games because I find them to be easier than those made for the PS4 and XBOX One. I might even go back to playing on the PS1 to play FF VII again. The last time I played it I had over 130 hours on it.

Anyway I will let the two of you go for the day.  Please stay safe and have a great day.  I love and miss you both.

Hugs and Kisses,





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