Fifth Commandment

Tori and Xander,

Good morning sweeties. I hope your enjoying your time off from school. What are you planning on doing for Thanksgiving?  Your dad and I are going to be having pot-roast I think. HEB had a family meal that looked good plus it is customized in size for just two people.  Your dad was awesome this weekend. He worked on putting up our new fence. He did an amazing job. We finally are going to clean up the two of your rooms and get rid of a lot of stuff. We will keep the things that meant something to the two of you so when your 18 you can come and get them from us but everything else we are going to be donating it to people in need or have children living with them.  Clearing out your rooms provides us with the ability to have our own office to do our work and have room for the different hobbies your dad and I have.

I have started reading this book called Embodied Hope by Kelly Kapic.[1] He goes through a theological meditation on pain and suffering. I have to read it for my final class on Christian Healing. This December I am finally going to be done with school. Third masters will finally be completed so I am going to take a long break and determine if I want to go and finish a PhD. I figure I do not really need the PhD to do what I have been called to do but it is more like a nice to have. I am also reading The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.[2] While I know I cannot talk or see you I know I can pray for you. In her book Stormie realized that the most powerful thing she could do for her children is pray. So like I always do, I will continue to pray for the two of you.

Remember when you are sitting down at the dinner table this Thanksgiving to give thanks for your mom and step-dad. They are doing their best to provide for your hierarchy of needs. I know you may not like them but right now they are your parents and you have to learn to at least honor and obey them as the fifth commandment tells you too.[3] Honor means you do not lie, talkback or mistreat them.  It also means you respect them. It is interesting because this is the first commandment God provided us that provides us a promise that if we do that then you will receive good health and live a long time on this earth.[4]

While your father may not talk to his parents he still honors this commandment. He does not lie, talkback, or mistreat them. He does not speak curses over them or speak ill of them. This is how honor is different from love. We pray for the health and wellbeing of your grandparents daily in our list of prayers for people we love and are in need. We are called to pray for our enemies.[5] So when you sit down and begin to eat remember to thank God for the blessing you have and to pray for those that cause you harm and for those that do their best for you. Have a wonderful day. I love you.

Hugs and Kisses,



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