REAL single moms

Today I wanted to talk about REAL single moms. These are the women who raise their children because the fathers of their children decided to walk out on them. They are also the moms who make striving efforts to be diligent co-parents with their children’s father. These women have my highest respect. They are there through no fault of their own. Their life choices are focused on making it work for their children despite a dead beat dad or a father who lives in another state. The single mom’s I know do not seek handouts from social services but make strong efforts and work long hours to ensure their children’s hierarchy of needs are met.

The REAL single moms I know ensure their children have a male role model in their children’s lives when the dad walked out. They also ensure their child gets on the plane to see their father during his scheduled time. They respect and understand the importance of a child having a complete family no matter how many miles away the rest of the family is. I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged these single mothers.  Because although I supports father’s rights, I wanted to make sure my readers also understood that my single mom friends wanted their father there but he did not want to be or he wanted to be with someone else. It was their choice to leave not these mothers.  I guess that is real point.  As women we are called in the bible to love our children and be subservient to our husbands.[1][2] We see this with REAL single moms. They love their children and desire them to be active participants in their Father’s life. However, when a father is not around REAL single moms find a father figure role and ensure their children are part of their life.

This is important because it provides a loving and supporting network of people for their children to appreciate. REAL single moms value to fabric of families and acknowledge the importance of having this fabric for their children. REAL single moms are rare people who through no fault of their own was not able to keep the father of their children in their lives. This father is a dead beat dad. A man who is not willing to step up to the parental roles of being a provider and protector of their children. Because they abandon their family, these REAL single moms have made a patchwork of their lives for their children. Each REAL single mom’s story is different. Yet the patchwork quilt you make of your life is one of honor, commitment, and love which any child will cherish for years to come. So thank you REAL single moms. I pray for you and your family daily.



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[1] Ephesians 5:22, KJV

[2] Titus 2:4-5, KJV


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