Victimhood – They Wanted To Live Life This Way

So we have discussed over the past two days PA and PAS.  We have also discussed the results of that on our children. However I am left with the nagging question on why a parent would even want to engage in such behavior that could impact the entire life of their children and their future grandchildren. Why would you want to not welcome the opportunity for your ex-spouse to be happy and bring another adult for your child to be molded and guided by? Does it not take a village to raise a child? Why would a mother/father take away the other parent from their children?

The bible states that Grandchildren are the crown of old men and the glory of children are their fathers.[1] Yet in 2010 only one in six of the parents raising children were Fathers.[2] In 2012 28.8% of custodial fathers received child support to have financial assistance in raising their children.[3] Men in general are 40% more likely to commit suicide after a divorce than those men who are married. [4] A more alarming statistic is that men in the United States are four times more likely than women to take their own lives.[5] Therefore if 813,862 divorced occurred in 2014 then 325,544 of those men are likely to commit suicide. The number of marriages in 2014 was 2,140,272. 68% of all married families include someone under the age of 18 living with them. This means that 1,455,384 of these married couples would constitute a family at some point ensuring they have a child. Having a family reduces the percentage of divorce by 40% so that leaves you with a 17% chance of getting divorced. This means that 138,356 of these divorces involve children. 23,059 of these divorces resulted in the father receiving primary custody. Leaving 115,297 of these divorces allowing the mother to retain primary custody.  If 40% of men are likely to commit suicide, which would be 46,118 men would possibly commit suicide leaving only 69,179 men to pay child support and be involved in raising their children.

When you take a fathers children away you take their purpose for living and their foundations. Those children who are in the care of their mothers are 33% more likely to be seriously abused and 73% more likely to be killed due to a lack of their father being engaged in their life. There is no one there to protect them. Having a single parent household puts the children in harm’s way instead of being the best interest of the child. In the state of Texas terminating parental rights terminates all child support obligations. Yet the alienating parent will continue to place blame on their lack of income on the target parent as an excuse and enforce the concept that the target parent is a bad parent. When a parents rights are stripped you trap your children in a low income situation causing further support to the alienating parents cause.  Yet we must not forget the alienating parent wanted to be poorer and put their children at a higher rate of being seriously abused.  They wanted to live life this way because like most HCBPs the opportunity to be a poor single parent is a golden ticket to victimhood as a permanent lifelong status.

This does not make it right. We must pray for the men of our country dear ones. Pray that they remain alive to be fathers and protect their families. Because if we do not, what chance will our sons have at reaching the biggest milestone in a man’s life but to say this is my child.

If you are considering suicide there is help.

Please call 1-800-273-8255 for assistance.



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