3971 Days

Good Morning Xander and Tori,

How are things going?  Did you have a good weekend?  Your dad and I celebrated Veterans Day with Calvin and Hobbes. I took your dad out to a couple of places he really likes. I also went to an arts and crafts retreat at church this weekend and was able to work on your dads Christmas blanket. He chose the purple and maroon for the two of you because they reminded him of you. We even stopped by the new HEB to check it out. It was really neat to just walk around in it. We also went to whole foods which was kind of fun to go out too. I love all the fun and exquisite foods they have there to eat. I am hoping to try to make gnocchi for your dad.  I am hoping to try to do it for Thanksgiving and also make some ham. Your dad found me a recipe that allows me to make four different pies in one pan so I am going to be doing that as well.

This will be the only letter I write to the two of you this week.  I am going to be starting my series of Parental Alienation tomorrow. I have figured out that PA is nothing more than the lack of control and hate a person has for someone.  That hate and inability to let God control results in the person going to hell. I pray that if you ever end up going through what your parents went through that you can let go of the hate and control and just focus on doing what is right for your children. Because in my opinion neither one of your parents did. Your dad finally did when it was too late and the damage was already done to the two of you. But at least he became an adult for others it just takes longer.

No matter what harms come to you in this world your dad and I will always be there to help you when you become adults. We will be there to take the next step and heal yourselves from the hurt and pain you have. We know you are angry and lost. We pray that the two of you will find your way and we will be waiting for you when you make it to other side of this journey that God has put our family on.  In 3971 days we can be a complete family again. We can pull it out.  I know we can. We can then go and have dumplings together and some sushi.  I love and miss you both. I know your dad misses you too. Have a great and wonderful week.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pictures from our weekend.


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