Thank You For Calling Me Fat

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Welcome to Wednesday. A cold front has blown into my area and so it is now 56 degrees outside. I am going to start my new series on Parental Alienation next week. I believe it is the hardest thing a parent will ever go through particularly a Christian parent. Because it does not matter how old you are whether your 5 years old or 101 years old rejection is still rejection. I will never forget when the rejection started at my house. My five your old daughter turned around to me and told me she thought I was fat.  Now granted I am a bigger girl. I was like ok and I told Tori that God made me this way. Ben was really upset. He asked Tori who else was fat and she said no one just Miss M. Wow. Now were does a five year old learn that? Talk about rejection. My son started in as well as we entered into the Walmart parking lot calling me fat. I just shrugged my shoulders and we proceeded in to buy groceries for the weekend.

I was blessed that it only occurred in the car. However I was hurt by a 5 and 11 year old child. I was rejected for the way God had made me. This is not to condone fat acceptance. I work hard and have been really successful in losing weight.  I have dropped two dress sizes in fact. Yet I cannot forget a five year old telling me I am fat. In some ways it is sad. I know where and how she learned it. She was confident in telling her father that she had learned I was fat from her HCBP. Yet from that moment on the kids and I were never the same. Every time they came over they disrespected me, argued with their Dad and wanted to start taking our stuff over to their moms. We suffered with that for about a year prior to signing our rights away.

Prior to thinking I was fat she had asked to see a picture of what was in my tummy because she had seen one of the baby inside her mom’s tummy. Tori just thought I was pregnant. I laughed and told Tori as I had told her in the car that night. It was just how God made me.  While children can say hurtful things to us.  We must not forget when they speak the truth whether they understand it or not. It is still the truth. God provides us with truths in our lives from people we will often ignore. However it is those individuals who are brave enough to tell us the truth instead of just telling us what we need to hear are the individuals who are our true friends. Not those that appease us and tell us what we want to hear.

So thank you kids for telling me what I needed to hear. You are the friends I needed to hear that from.  Although the intention was to hurt me and upset me, I have come to realize it was to make me stronger and more confident person today. My hope is that in eleven years we will come together and be honest with one another as we were that night in the car.

O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles. ~~ Psalm 43:3





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