Caffeine and Maggots a Deadly Combination

So over the past couple of days I have discussed about a narcissist and about Hypergamy. Today we relate them to the cycle of Maggots and the impact of caffeine on their metamorphosis. If you’re a feminist this is going to upset you and I pray for your forgiveness but the numbers do not lie. So Caffeine is considered to by hypergamy and Narcissist are the maggots. When you introduce caffeine to maggots their breading cycles become smaller. The male flies become incompetent to mate. When you have 90% of females going only after 10% of men and these men are slowly becoming part of the MIGTOW movement eventually these men will age and die off with GonasyphaherpalAIDS. Small amounts of genetic material entering into the genetic makeup of humans reduces our changes at successful reproduction. If we are lucky enough to have children during our hypergamy years odds are you are having children after the age of 30 increases your risk of having a miscarriage or Down syndrome.

Enter in Feminism, the modern day feminism has led to a decline in birth rates since 2007.  Without babies a population fails to reproduce enough offspring to repopulate the culture and society they currently live in. Narcissist thrive on being given their attention demanding their rights wanting things their own way. Yet when we as a society cater to the Narcissist we accept the actions of hypergamy which reduces the amount of maggot larva we obtain just as reproduction is reduced when we accept as a culture feminist ideals. Therefore for every generation as we continue down this path becomes less diversified and genetically defective.

According to the Bible women are to learn in silence. (1 Timothy 2:11) A virtuous women is a crown to her husband but if she makes him ashamed then she is nothing but rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4) Therefore in regards to a narcissist we must ensure that we cut him or her out and separate ourselves from them. For according to Mark, God made male and female and a male shale leave his family and cleave to his wife thus establishing a new family.  They will then become one flesh. (Mark 10-6-10) When a narcissist is allowed to perform hypergamy they rip the fabric of the family away.  They remove the father of their children out of their lives. We end up with higher rates of suicide among our children, a lower life expectancy for our children, and our children most likely being placed in jail and perpetuate the rape culture because we allow hypergamy and narcissist to run our culture. A majority of rapists grew up without their father in their homes. Feminist scream about perpetuating the idea of rape culture yet they fail to understand that when they monkey branch they are the ones that help the rape culture to exist because they statistically increase the odds of their sons becoming a rapist.

In conclusion, caffeine (hypergamy) is a result of maggots (narcissists, HCBP) will result in the destruction of our society and families. It will lead to a continuation of the rape culture in our sons because they fail to have their fathers leading the household. For every divorce that includes children YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE BREAKDOWN OF OUR SOCIETY!!! In my opinion you deserve to be in jail for the future crimes your children will make because of your failure to be a parent and adult.

Pray dear ones for your children and the narcissist (HCBP) that live with them.




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