We Begin That Journey

Good Morning Tori and Xander,

I hope the two of you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was beautiful out.  Your dad and I spent some time on Saturday at a nice quite little shop that serves some great muffins. We took Athena to the vet to get a bath and her nails done.  She was so excited when we picked her up.  They had put a really cute bandana on her.  We then met a couple of friends at Fort Sam and headed over to the museum.  Your dad and his friends took a couple of minutes to remember a friend of theirs that they all knew. I will write more about that experience this Friday in honor of her. After dropping your dads friends back off at the hotel we then went to Cabelas.  It was hard being there but we walked around just looking at things and remembering. On Sunday we went to church.

This week your dad is focused on cleaning up the house so we can start looking to sell the house. Our hope is to move out into the hill country with a couple of acers of land. In about a year we are hoping I have moved on through the grieving process enough to start talking with adoption agencies so we can provide a loving home to children who need two loving parents. We are hoping to adopt a brother and sister because we would never want to split up a group of siblings. We hope to do this because we know that is what you want us to do to help others if we could not help you any longer. When you become adults we hope to have helped foster and adopt several children so when comeback to be part of our family you can experience the loving nature of a huge family.

This week we begin that journey. We begin by fixing up the house and getting it ready. Part of me is happy to be starting this but part of me is terrified. It is having to go through a lot of the stuff for the two of you and sending it to Goodwill and other charities. Doing this is never easy but we know it will be the best thing.  Your dad and I have determined that for the two of your rooms we are going to get a bed that has a ladder so if things ever change then we will have a place for you in our offices. The beds would essentially be over our desks.  I hope the two of you have jackets to wear that keep you warm since it is so cold out. If you do not please remember to dress in layers. I miss you both.

Have a great day at school.

Hugs and Kisses,



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