Myth About Changing Your Appearance


We made it to the end of another week. YEAH!!!!  I know the both of you are excited because it means you do not have to go to school tomorrow or Sunday. Today is the final day of the grading period so I hope that the two of you did well in all your classes. Your dad and I went out last night to dinner to celebrate my raise and he surprised me with telling me he got two raises over the past two months. He is now making more than he ever has in his entire career.  So it was a festive and fun evening. Praise the Lord for our joy.

Tomorrow your dad and I are planning to take Athena to the vet to get her bathed and toenails clipped.  She is really going to enjoy that. Your dad is planning on working on the fence this weekend and I am going to do some homework and work on finishing up the laundry. Your dad and I have been eating healthier lately which has resulted in weight loss.  This is a good thing because it makes us better to be able to help you when you are older. Your dad gave up his honey buns.  Can you believe it?!?!  I could not believe it and he has reduced his diet soda intake as well so he has just continued to drop the weight.

But to be honest it is not about the weight or the looks, it is about being happy with yourself and others. You need to be confident and happy in yourself big or skinny. The reason for this is because God made you the way he wanted you and you are beautiful and handsome in his eyes. I remember when you called me fat. I was hurt that you would judge me based on my looks but I realized you had learned somewhere how to judge someone by their looks.  I just wanted to let you know that there is more to people than just their looks. There is someone with feelings, thoughts, and an undiscovered heart in the person you are judging by their looks.

The belief that you will be happier if you change your appearance is nothing but a myth.  Your mind is the same even when the outside of you has changed.  The only difference now is that it causes people to focus on you more when you change your outside appearance.  Then begins the lies, fake being happy, and hiding from the world. It is an endless cycle of being unhappy and going back to the way you were. So ensure before you embark on a change to radicalize your outward appearance that are you happy with the current you first. Not being happy with yourself leads to poor decision making for major decisions that can impact your life and the lives of others.

I pray that the two of you will find happiness within yourselves and embrace the wonderful abilities that God has given both of you.  Have a wonderful weekend. I love and miss you both.

Hugs and Kisses,



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