We Are Still Having Negotiations On Pie

Good Morning Tori and Xander,

How was school on Monday?  Did you enjoy your day learning about new things?  It was fun on our way home your dad and I saw some sheep that had just been sheered riding in the back of a truck on our way home. I took some pictures for you down below.  I figured you would enjoy seeing them. I know you do not knit anymore Xander but sheep can make some of the softest yarn.  To be honest I like it when it is naturally spun and not dyed with a color because then you can appreciate the sheep’s natural color. These sheep were probably an off white color from the look of them.

Sheep are interesting creatures because they are often harvested not only for their wool but also for the fatty oil which is used in women’s cosmetics.  We can also gather milk from them for cheese and yogurt. I know we have all heard of counting sheep to fall asleep at night but that was actually referenced for the first time in my favorite book Don Quixote. My hope is your Dad and I can move eventually someday and get a farm.  We want to raise sheep and ducks. I personally want at least one cow. Your Dad is not sure if he wants to do that yet.  Another interesting fact about sheep is that the farmers of sheep are called shepherds. Many of the major individuals in the following religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam where all shepherds.

Thanksgiving is coming up.  Have you made plans yet?  Are you looking forward to spending time with your family and eating lots of food?  Your dad and I have not decided if we are going to celebrate this year.  Last year we did not celebrate and we may not again this year since we do not have the two of you around to celebrate with.  If we do I am going to make ham and my cranberry sauce.  Your dad is going to be making his amazing mashed potatoes. We are still having negotiations on pie. LOL.  Your dad is really particular on what pie he has.  We might just decide to watch a Rick and Morty marathon and eat junk food all day. So decisions are still up in the air.

Your dad and I were going through a couple of things last night looking for some documents for my new insurance and we found your pictures Tori of the ones you used to take when we would go to Chuck E. Cheese. Remember you taking your coins and sitting in booth just have your picture taken. While to some people they would be trash it was fun seeing your smile and laugh in those photos so we are keeping them in your dad’s special box that has a lot of meaningful letters and items that are important to him.

Tori, on this day in 2014 you performed in the play Where the Wild Things Are at Country Home.  I thought you would like to see a picture of that.  It was awesome how well you did at that. Plus you were wearing your amazing Leopard Print pants.  Anyway I guess I will let the two of you guy.  I pray you have a blessed and wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,




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