Family Court System Is A Machine

Good Morning,

How was school yesterday?  Did you have a great time and learn a lot of things?  I know you are excited to have your first grading term about done so you can see how your grades are doing.  I spent yesterday evening at our church presenting to ministry leaders about small group ministry.  It was an exciting and challenging experience. On Saturday I am going help the church at their all church retreat we will doing and living out examples of small group ministry. Our churches Boy and Cub Scout troop will be camping out there with us.  I keep reminding myself it is only 11 more years till we can be a complete family again.

While it disappoints me I cannot be there to help you with your schoolwork and learning life lessons that everyone experiences in school.  I know that we will be ready to help you when you need us when you turn 18. As I reflected last night I realized that no one is ever really honest with anyone in the Family Court System. Parents play victims. Psychiatrists can be bought and judges receive gifts from lawyers to get a judge to view the case in their favor. While these are all chess pieces that are moved around the lawyers and parenting facilitators just keep asking for money and talking to each other about how “crazy” the two parents are. It is like they know the Family Court System is a machine.  In this midst of this when is it supposed to be the “Best Interest of the Child?”  My question is when did anyone ever talk to you about your best interest?

I do not think anyone ever did.  I believe you were used like chess pieces.  Your interest was never anyone’s interest as it is for hundreds of other children who have to face the Family Court system. After Dad signed the final documents to terminate his parental rights, his lawyer finally came clean and said that we did what was in the best interest of the two of you. That no agreement would ever satisfy anyone.  We would just keep going back and forth in court. When we finally said we were not going to do the family court system any longer it was the first time anyone in the whole situation had acted in YOUR best interest.  It was the first time your dad’s lawyer had seen someone make that adult decision about what was in the best interest of their children and not what was the best interest of themselves.

While statistically I know that the odds of the two of you facing divorce go up dramatically coming from a broken home. Broken home is a bad term but an appropriate term because the divorce of your parents has resulted in you having a broken family and home.  I hope that if you have children when you get married that you remember your feelings and experiences. That you do not put your children what you have gone through to try to relive your childhood. To fix your perceived non-choices from your childhood. Your children deserve to have a father and mother in their lives.  They deserve to have adults and not children protecting and looking out after them. It is my prayer that if ever having to make a tough decision like what your father had to make that you will have the courage to do it early to minimize the emotional affects it has on your children and my grandchildren.

May the Lord protect you and keep you from harm today. May you know you are made in God’s image and he loves you.  Your life has meaning and purpose and although we experience trials in this life that they are not without purpose in meaning but to give us knowledge for our ultimate purpose in his divine plan.

Hugs and Kisses,



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