Par Le Vue, S’il Vous Plaît, Moo Moo I am a French cow.

Good Morning Tori and Xander,

Happy Wednesday. How are things going?  Did you have a good day at school yesterday?  I know you must have because you’re both very smart. This morning I been singing our cow songs we used to sing on the way to dropping you off at your grandmother’s house.  Do you remember those?  Moo Moo I am a Chocolate cow.  Par le vue s’il vous plaît Moo Moo I am a French cow. Moo Moo I am a Strawberry Cow.  I remember how I would do each one in a different accent and you both would laugh.  Then from the back seat you would shout out how does a Strawberry cow talk?  Your poor father has had to listen to me say those phrases over and over in their voices on the way to work this morning.

So tomorrow marks the one year point.  You probably both don’t remember the date which is fine. We understand that you both are adjusting well and doing well in school and all your extracurricular activities.  It must be awesome to have two additional siblings to hang out with and get in trouble with. Dad and I only had one other sibling so it was always a competition on who was going to take the blame for things. Now you have the opportunity to share in blame. LOL.  That always makes more adventures and shenanigans.  While this can be fun and available at times remember that God knows who and how things occurred and therefore if you did do something wrong it is always better to be honest and upfront instead of lying about it. Lying always ends up worse in the end instead of just being honest from the beginning.

It is starting to get cooler outside and I am having the urge to knit blankets and hats again.  So I think this year I am going to make your Dad a blanket.  We took the blankets I made the both of you and put them up so when your old enough you can come and pick them up if you still want them. I never had the opportunity to make Dad his blanket so I think this is going to be my goal this winter is to make him his blanket. I was thinking purple, red and forest green.  Since those where two of your favorite colors and your dad’s is forest green. I think if I get around to it I might knit me a hat this year. Before we signed our rights away my hope was to knit the two of you hats so you can have one in your favorite color and look like your dad.  I guess it will be a while before I can do that but I promise I will whenever you want me too.

I still like to knit washcloths.  I found your washcloths I made for you the other day. I cried and threw them away.  They were starting to fray apart and so it was time to get rid of them but it hurt because it was something I made for the two of you.  Your father and I had to put up your toothbrushes. Anyway, your dad wanted me to write and tell you that he loves and misses your both. So I wanted to make sure I got that in there for him. We pray that you are both doing well in school and enjoying life. I love and miss you both.  Have an amazing day.

Hugs and Kisses.

Par le vue s’il vous plaît Moo Moo I am a French cow.




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