Calvin and Hobbes Go To The Movie

Happy Monday Xander and Tori,

I know you must have had a great weekend. After a long-awaited promise, I wanted to let you know that Dad and I did make it to see the My Little Pony: The Movie.  Calvin and Hobbes came with us to watch the movie. We saw it at the Santikos Palladium. Hobbes was insistent we get M&Ms and Popcorn.  So, we did along with drinks. We practically had the whole movie theatre to ourselves. I promise not to give away the ending in case you have not seen it yet.  They introduced a new pony called Tempest who is dark purple with bright pink hair. She has a broken horn that was damaged when a bear took it off her when she was little.  Tempest does something great at the end of the movie and has the best name ever according to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were busy eating my chips to my soup at Jims on Sunday morning. Dad and I were talking about the two of you this morning on our way to work. He knows that the two of you are finding your way in this world and making decisions for yourself and we are happy that you are who you want to be and we want to remind you that this is your life and God has plans for both of you.  So please make good decisions that are good for you no matter how small because they can be beautiful things in the end. When you can make decisions on your own it is those skills that will allow you to be a successful in your later years. This is why Dad and I always allowed you to make your own decisions. We believed that by learning how to make decisions on your own we taught you more than any textbook ever could.  We will always be there for you if times get tough and you make bad decisions but remember it is not the decision you make but how you respond that people will remember you for.

Calvin and Hobbes were good this weekend in both the movie and helping me with my homework that was due on Saturday evening.  They kept me motivated while I worked. I realize I never got to say thank you to the two of you for my bear you made for me at Build-A-Bear.  I love the message you left on the bear. I love you both too. The dress and headband are perfect on the bear. I make sure to play your voices at least once a day so I can always remember what they are like. To be honest, it is the most beautiful gift I have ever received.

I joined a couple of PA groups and Step-Mom groups on Facebook.  I see stories that sound like mine which brings up lots of memories of your parents, your dad’s mom, and others and I want to share all those things but I choose not to because I write these letters for you.  I want them to be positive because if your dad and I are gone before you can ever reunite with us then at least I know this will remain here for you to read and that we both always loved the two of you. I promise to write tomorrow.

Hugs and Kisses,



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