Your Dad Told Me That His Favorite Pony Is……

Good Morning Tori,

I hope this letter finds you well on this beautiful Tuesday morning.  Remember to wear a sweater today because it is going to be cool.  I am so exited it is finally starting to get cooler outside.  It allows for a time to wear our pretty sweaters and scarves.  I found the scarf I made you when I was looking for Barney on Saturday.  I know how much you loved it.  I hope you have found or Bubby has made you one.  Dad and I got opening night tickets to Star Wars that is coming out in December.  I promise not to reveal any endings to you since I know you and Bubby love Star Wars.  I make sure to get a box of M&Ms with popcorn while I watch the movie.

I remember how you loved always leaving in the middle of the movie when you were bored to go the bathroom.  You were scared by the sound of the potties.  I will always remember you always asking me if I think this this potty was going to be loud.  You never liked the loud ones. I will never forget how you would run out of the stall and asked me to go in and flush it because you were scared of it frightening you. You also loved taking a lot of paper towels to dry your hands.  I always grabbed a lot too so no one would look at us weird. I also remember the time we were in the bookstore in Denton.  You loved organizing the books so they were all the same. I laughed and appreciated your attention to detail because much like you I like rhythm and pattern in my life.

I think one of the most exciting things was when your dad asked you and Bubby if it was ok to marry me. I know the two of you were so excited.  I was happy to hear that you both gave Dad your approval. I even asked him when he asked me if he had received permission from the two of you.  It was important that both you and Bubby where OK with him marrying me.  So I want to say thank you for allowing me to be your step-mom. To allowing me to make your Dad happy.  While I can not replace you or Bubby I try my best to keep his spirits up until we are able to talk to you and your brother again when your adults.

Are you and Bubby still getting a long?  Is he still being a good role model for you as a big brother?  I hope he is and I hope you are helping him too because as his little sister he needs you there to help him be a better big brother for you. Calvin and Hobbes are doing well.  I am planning on taking them when I have girl time since I no longer have anyone to have girl time with. I figure they can come with me to get my hair cut and my nails painted.  Hobbes is still in search for the ultimate Tuna sandwich.   So I see myself probably having to go to Subway and getting him a Tuna sandwich.

Dad and I still have not had a chance to see the My Little Pony movie but hoping there will be some time this weekend. Your Dad told me that his favorite pony is Apple Jack.  Yours was Rainbow Dash and Bubby was Pinky Pie.  I am going to have to say mine was Derpy Hooves aka Muffins.  Although not a major character I love it that she loves muffins and is always asking questions. Your Dad says I am a lot like her. The movie has the ponies turning into seahorses so this is going to be really exciting. Once I find a Derpy and Apple Jack to match my Pinky Pie and Rainbow Dash I will make sure to take a picture for you so you can see them all together.

Anyway I pray you have a wonderful day. I miss and love you and Bubby. Remember to look out after each other.

Hugs and Kisses,



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