Memories, Knowledge, and Understanding. – Birthday Saturday

Xander we had a blast on your birthday Saturday. Dad and I took Barney with us on Saturday.  We had Dunken Doughnuts. We then went to our first Gamestop.  Barney could not stop watching the PS4. I was honestly fascinated with the Groot and Rick and Morty Socks.  I also saw Deadpool socks as well and I had heard they are coming up with a female Deadpool which I think is odd and well just does not seem right.  We then went by Alien Worlds to pick up Pinky Pie. Barney and Pinky Pie had a blast together. Then your Dad made a special request to go to Hobby Town. He knows you loved looking at the drones and Legos there.  I found a small starter eggplant kit so I can grow an eggplant. I know that was your favorite vegetable. Your Dad meet some friends there and had a good time talking about drones, trains, and other things.  We then went to Wasabi to have sushi.  We had the Alamo Roll; California Roll, and the Volcano Roll.  They were AMAZING. Rainbow Dash came by to sit with Barney and Pinkie Pie.  It was kind of like we all were together again.

We then decided to make our way to Bass Pro.  We got fudge since that was one of your favorite desserts. It was really sweet so I made sure to get me some popcorn to adjust to the over sweet chocolate. I stopped by and got a DS2 with Pokémon X to play.  For Dinner we went to Joe’s Crab Shack.  Your dad got crab that was steamed and I have some great video of him opening it. I had a crab cake.  It was a pleasant day for both of us and wished you had been there to experience it.  I am sure though you had a blast on Saturday and on your birthday with your family. Your dad and I realize as you get older that the memories of what you used to like and what you used to do will become less relevant.  However your dad and I will always ensure that we celebrate your birthday Saturdays of you and your sister.  We promise that we will hold on to Barney and Hobbes and take good care of them.  They will always have a place in our house. When you decide that you want them after you turn 18 then you are more than welcome to reach out to either your Dad or myself and we will return them to you.

Happy Columbus Day!!!  I know you will enjoy the day off. Plus it is almost the end of the quarter so I know you must be excited to be getting your grades. It was always an exciting time getting grades for me.  In elementary school I always got to go to Plaza Central in Arlington.  They had a Gund Bear store there and that is where I collected my bears from.  I still have two of the bears I had from back in those days.  It was always a fun time.  Eventually though as I progressed through Middle School at St. George Episcopal school here in town I was more excited for myself because school became more challenging as I grew up.  The one thing my Grandfather always taught me was that everyone can take everything away from you except your memories, knowledge, and understanding. Those things are what we value so much because it is our memories that allow us to not repeat our same mistakes, our knowledge gives us the tools we need to be successful and our understanding allows us to be able to empathize with others. If you possess all of these things then you cannot fail but only succeed.

Anyway I will let you go.  Have a blessed and joyful day.  Your dad and I miss you and your sister so much.





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