We Pray Constantly

Xander and Tori,

I hope the two of you had a wonderful day and were able to stay dry in the rain today.  It has been a busy day for me today.  I got certified with my white belt in my Lean Six Sigma certification today. Now it is on to doing my yellow belt certification.  I also joined a couple of Facebook groups, followed a couple of twitter accounts, and joined some Google + groups all revolving around step moms.  My hope is that maybe I can find someone who has a similar experience and they can show that it does get better with time.  Currently I am thinking I might after I am done with school in the fall doing a statistical research study on fatherless children and the impact on that as adults. It is an idea I have been rolling around in my head.

Anyway, we have your birthday all planed out Xander.  Your father asked me to do it because it was just too hard for him to do.  I think you will enjoy seeing what we do if you ever find this page. I know you probably never will but I can have faith and a dream. The past couple of days have been rough.  Your dad and I are looking forward to going to the My Little Pony Movie on Friday. But if your dad is not feeling better we might just be staying home and doing it another evening.  This time of year is always rough.  Walking out the door today to go to work I remember when the two of you would give me huge hugs.  I miss those. I miss having the two of you accidently calling me mom. I miss cooking for the two of you.  I miss a lot of things.

Xander I know we will be going and having sushi for lunch on Saturday.  I am going to be taking you to the place we went for the last time we celebrated your birthday.  Do you remember that day?  I think between all four of us I must have spent 125 dollars in sushi. It was so worth it watching you and your dad eat all that sushi. Tori was perfectly happy eating her bowl of white rice. Your dad and I both had the itch for Chinese food last night so we had dumplings, egg rolls and I got walnut shrimp.  Your dad got double chicken delight from Golden Wok.  I think we enjoy eating there so much because you and Tori both loved eating there.

Xander your birthday is always tough for your father.  While he was in Iraq he missed your birthday and it was hard then and it is just as hard today.  He prays constantly that you will grow up to be a fine young gentleman who stands up for what is right and what you believe in. He prays that you will protect your sister.  He also prays your forgive him and come to the understanding of why we made the decision we had to make. We love you both and pray for you constantly.

Hugs and Kisses.




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