Calvin and Hobbes

Good Evening Xander and Tori,

Yesterday we decided to go out and celebrate Tori’s birthday.  We started the day that your dad and I with Hobbes read the last My Little Pony comic we read together.  We then all went to get Athena all pretty.  Your father and I decided then to go and get lunch at La Madeleine which I know you thoroughly enjoyed.  Hobbes searched your father and my lunch for a Tuna sandwich and could not find one.  He did have a piece of bread though.  We then went to Build a Bear and decided to get Hobbes a friend to assist him with guarding your room.  He came with us and picked out Calvin. Calvin and him then went and did a car wash. They both were in the back seat talking and eating fried Twinkies and drinking root beer. After that we decided to go to the comic book store and get Calvin and Hobbes a My Little Pony comic book.  Then we went and ate dinner at Chick-fa-la. Your dad and I ate the meal you always ate.  We had chicken nuggets, fruit salad and a lemonade.  I made sure not to eat the blue berries and strawberries like you never liked.

After that we drove around for a while and decided to go and get ice cream.  I made sure to get peanut butter cup ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  Hobbes loved it. Your dad had chocolate chip ice cream. After that I can tell you Hobbes and Calvin fell right asleep and then spent today just relaxing. I was in a game store yesterday looking for a Nintendo DS2 to play Pokémon on and I discovered that they are going to have a My Little Pony movie coming out.  Your dad and I are going to watch it at Santikos Casa Blanca next Friday.  We know the both of you would love to see it.

How was your Birthday Saturday?  I know you must have had a blast spending the entire day with your family. I would have loved to have spent the day hanging out with you but I know by not being able to see you, you were able to finally find peace on your birthday with lots of quality time and joy with your family.  Are you preparing for your brother’s birthday?  Make sure to do something nice for him. Since he is going to be a teenager.  Your dad and I had fun time yesterday but we missed having you with us.  Your father has a great day planned for next Saturday to celebrate your birthday Xander.

We pray both of you are doing well and we know God is protecting the both of you.  We are using the dehydrator today.  We are currently making apple chips.  I am praying you have a great work and you are both doing well in your studies.  Your father and I think about you every day and talk about you all the time.  Athena and Maxwell are enjoying the cooler weather.  Today with the cooler weather your dad and I went to sonic and I got a strawberry lemonade with is awesome and your dad got a Heath concrete ice cream.  Your dad really likes ice cream. Well I will let you go now I hope you enjoy the pictures from yesterday.  I could find a picture from a couple of your birthdays Tori.  I hope you both enjoy and have a great day tomorrow.

Love and Hugs



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