Happy Birthday Tori !!!

Happy Birthday Tori,

Dad and I miss you and your brother every second of everyday. I know you must be so excited to be another year older. We are sorry we could not celebrate it with you this year again. This weekend your Dad and I will be doing things you liked doing while you were with us. We will be taking Athena to be beauty salon and Maxwell we will give a big hug too. We are then going to go get ice cream and McDonalds because you liked getting those things with us. I am also going to be taking your Dad to Build a Bear so we can build animals that each remind us of you. I am going to make sure your Dad makes a tuna fish sandwich for Hobbes.

Since you are older I am sure you are looking forward to having a birthday party and celebrating the day with your friends. I know you always enjoyed going to parties so I am sure you are excited to have your own now. I was able to find the Calvin and Hobbes comic from the day you were born. I know you never knew my Grandfather but he was born on your birthday as well. He was my role model and one of the closest family members I ever had. I think the most important thing I learned was how to face adversity even we do not want to from him. Your Dad is a lot like him. He and I go and visit his grave now and again at Ft. Sam Houston.

Dad and I hope that you will remember us as you get older. We wish we could give you hugs and take you to dinner today but unfortunately we cannot. I often wonder if you are making friends and who your best friend is. Are you getting your nails done today? I know that is what you would do with your Dad’s mom. I cut my hair short finally. It reminded me of you. So I have decided to keep it that way. I know you probably have grown your hair out but I remember how excited you were to cut it. I know some people were upset and that hurt you but I am sure they are happy now since everyone is at peace. I hope you are happy too. Please have Bubby give you a hug for me and tell you Happy Birthday.

One last thing, remember how I taught you to pray for your mommy when you were at our house, could you please pray for your dad in the same way? He misses you and Bubby incredibly and days like today are really really hard on him. I would really appreciate it if you could.

I love you Tori and I hope you have had a wonderful birthday so far.




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