Opportunity to Celebrate Milestones

Hi kids,

I wanted to write you this morning and say hi.  I am sorry I did not write yesterday but your dad and I had a date night. It was the first time we had really done that in a long time.  I left my job yesterday turning in all my equipment and got to have lunch with your dad.  We had picnic outside of Camp Bullis.  It was fun.  I bought a gift for your dad for International Rabbits day. We also received our dehydrator so we can make apple chips and banana chips.  I am going to brave it and make kiwi chips although your dad does not like kiwi.

Your dad took me to the Pig Stand last night.  It was the first time we had gone there since we took you all after the Farmers Market.  We both had pig sandwiches with fries and onion rings.  I made my way past the table we ate at. Your dad was uncomfortable and so was I being in there.  We talked about the both of you.  We also talked about his work and how my last day at work was. I stopped at the table we all had lunch at but I did good not to break down.  Your dad moved me forward and we paid and left.  We then went and got ice cream.  We were going to Amys but he decided it was too busy and he wanted to go to Freddie’s Custard.

I could not get out of the car at Freddie’s I have so many pictures of all of us there before we went to Morgan’s Wonderland. Your dad understood and decided to take me to Baskin Robins.  He got chocolate chip ice cream and I got a strawberry banana smoothie. We then came home and watched some YouTube videos. We talked about how we are planning your birthday weekends.  I am going to be planning most of Tori’s birthday weekend next weekend and your dad is going to be planning Xander’s birthday weekend we me taking care of some of the items. I am looking forward to celebrating your birthdays.

While I understand, you are not there which hurts us both but it provides us an opportunity to celebrate milestones in your life and to record them. For both of us it helps us remember you and never to forget. I miss making your birthday cakes.  I will never forget making the dirt cheese cake with gummy worms for your birthday Xander.  It was fun cooking for all of you. Please keep me in your prayers as I start my new job next week. Your dad and I miss you.  Today our goal is to continue working on the house. I hope you had a wonderful week and learned a lot in school. Hugs.

Love and hugs,




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