Letter to Tori and Bubby

To Tori and Bubby,

Mondays are always hard.  We survive the weekend trying to develop a routine again.  I finally made the transition to clean the hallway to your rooms. I took down all the family stickers reminding you that no matter where you were that you were home.  I had to finally take down all the butterfly stickers on your door Tori.  I also took the chalkboard poster off your door, Xander.  While I took them down I still have not found the strength to enter your rooms since that day.  I did keep four of the butterflies from your door Tori and put them on our refrigerator to show that no matter how far apart we are we will always be a family.  I did find enough courage to get Hobbes out of your bedroom Tori and put him in ours.  He now sits by my bed.  He helped me in getting my homework done this weekend. Your Dad and I decided to go to PF Changs for dinner since we both were thinking of you.  We are trying to plan what we are going to do together to celebrate both of your birthdays.  This will be our second year celebrating your birthdays without you here.  We always make sure to dedicate a weekend to each of you doing activities and eating at your favorite places.

Talking about homework.  I had to do a project for my principles of ministry leadership and was searching around trying to find a family photo of all of us.  The sad part is I realized the only photo I had where we were all together was at your baptism.  So, I now have put that on my phone and am going to print it out so I can put it my new office. Your dad got around to doing the yard this weekend.  I was excited.  We went to church as well. I wish I had more pictures of us as a family.  The pictures of you and your dad are like gold for me.

Your dad has promised that he is going to work with me in November to clean out your rooms.  We realize that we are going to need to clean them out and get rid of all the stuff to continue moving forward. October will be the one-year mark so we will start in November.  Xander your room is going to become your Dad’s new office and Tori your room will be my office area.  I am going to make sure we keep the photos with your names spelled out still up as a remembers to you both.

Xander, I hope all is going well.  I am sure you are enjoying your eighth-grade year.  It is hard to believe you are going to be 13 this year. I know you all are taking care of each other and remembering to pray daily. Remember even in the rough times God is always there to listen all you must do is ask. I pray that both of you have found peace finally and do not find your world to be as chaotic as it has been in the past. Your Father and I wish you the best the week and pray for God’s grace in your journeys. I will write to you soon.






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