A Letter for Tori

A letter for Tori,

So today I woke up and in minutes I was crying. Nothing unusual anymore. I remember how I used to get up and do your hair in the morning.  Putting clips in and getting her dressed up for the day in dresses.  I then thought about how we used to sit on the couch in our pajamas watching My Little Pony.  I think if I had known we would be without them I would have taken more pictures. Even when we were watching My Little Pony it became a family thing we did together.  Everyone would pile up into couches and chairs and you and your brother would have your ponies and we would watch several shows together before getting ready on Saturday mornings. Your Dad and I rarely sit on the couch anymore.  Not because we can’t but more because I can’t be forced to remember those.  Your Dad has been so great through all of this.  He prays for you and your brother.  He misses the both of you badly. We know that by not being able to see you that you and your brother would not feel torn between two sets of parents. I sure now you have grown taller and have your hair long again.  If anything like me, you wear bows in your hair. I know your birthday is coming up and I won’t be there to celebrate it.  I am sorry.  I wish I could.  I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. Your dad and I continue our journey forward because we know if you or your brother ever need us we need to be stronger and better than when we saw you last. By the way, Maxwell and Athena miss you both and say hi.




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